The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 2 Recap: Lydia Stirs The Pot

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The ladies were ready to party, but that did not mean they were putting their drama on the backburner. 

Tamra planned a birthday bash on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 2, and she was stressing about who to invite. 

When the episode got underway, Shannon had her longtime feng shui consultant inspect her new house. Yes, we're jealous because the consultant was a hoot. 

She wanted to make sure Shannon's home was up to scratch, and part of that was firing out crazy phrases, and all Shannon could do was look on. 

Elsewhere, Vicki's office manager, Linda was introduced to viewers and much like Shannon's consultant, she brought some much-needed laughs onto the show. 

Because Vicki's business was apparently doing solid business, she was upgrading offices this season, and she was worried about it. Vicki was being her usual petulant self and stressing the eff out. 

Vicki Gunvalson Red Carpet Picture

Linda, however, knows Vicki all too well and managed to calm her down without a big blowout confrontation. Vicki then noted that Shannon had used the same feng shui consultant she was planning on using. 

Yes, it's frowned upon to use the same one, so let's just say Vicki is not even going there and will need to find an alternative.

After another throwaway scene of Meghan being the doting mother, we switched gears to Lydia who had started a new magazine with her husband. 

It's called Nobleman, and it's about “what it’s like to be a gentleman in the world today.”

Um, alright then. 

Lydia McLaughlin Instagram Photo

Lydia's husband then told her not to hug Peggy because she recently had a double mastectomy. However, upon meeting Peggy, Lydia went straight for the jugular. 

“They told me not to hug you,” she revealed to Peggy. Considering Lydia was the one who instigated the conversation, it was disheartening to find her being annoyed with Peggy for speaking about her illness. 

We then moved to Tamra's birthday party for her granddaughter. Vicki did not make the cut for the guest list, but her daughter Breanna did. Tamra had unfollowed Breanna on social media after her fight with Vicki.

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So, things were pretty darn awkward. Breanna made an early exit because she felt like all of the drama was unnecessary.

Things got tense when Lydia sat Tamra and Shannon down to let them know that she chatted with Vicki over lunch and felt they could still be friends.

On top of that, Lydia said they were “acting the same way almost [Vicki] acted.”

Shannon flipped out, and Lydia accused her of being hostile, and it did not go down well. Shannon was upset because of the party being ruined at the expense of her relationship with Vicki. 

Shannon Beador Smiles

That's a wrap on all the drama, and something tells us it's just getting started. 

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