Kylie Jenner: Sultry Selfie Kicks Off New Round of Breast Implant Rumors

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It seems like every few weeks, a new Kylie Jenner plastic surgery rumor makes its way across the social media landscape.

Much of this has to do with the fact that Kylie's appearance has changed considerably over the last three years or so.

And it doesn't help that she's already demonstrated a willingness to lie about going under the knife.

Kylie Jenner Bikini Photo, Take 179!

Kylie only admitted to sporting "temporary lip fillers" after hundreds of before-and-after photos demonstrated that either she'd had work done, or she was in the midst of one very long allergic reaction.

Now, some other surgically enhanced body parts have captured the attention of Kylie's millions of fans.

And though she's certainly not shy about showing them off, it's safe to assume that the 19-year-old won't be opening up shelling out for a new figure anytime soon.

This time around, the rumors started as murmurs following the latest round of revealing Kylie bikini photos.

They turned into shouts over the weeked thanks to this seriously unsubtle selfie:

Kylie Jenner Yellow Bra Selfie

Needless to say, the reaction from fans was swift and focused largely on Kylie's boobs:

“Holy fake boobs!! I was wondering when she going to really show them off,” one fan commented.

“Kylie Jenner had to up her implant size. I wonder what size those are,” wrote another.

One of the problems with documenting every moment of your life for millions of social media followers is that it's very difficult to change your appearance without anyone noticing.

In fact, some fans believe they've narrowed down the timing of Kylie's breast augmentation to a window of a few weeks.

(Winter of 2016 seems to be the leading theory.)

Kylie Jenner Bikini Snapshot

They cite as evidence photos like this, from the summer of 2015, when Kylie seemed significantly less, um ... top heavy.

There have even been rumors that Kylie recently increased the size of her implants, but that seems unlikely.

In all likelihood Kylie has only undergone cosmetic procedures a handful of times (unless you count each round of lip injections), but the result has been a complete change in her overall appearance.

We don't begrudge her a little tinkering.

After all, we think many who scoff would do the same if they were young, rich, and constantly in the public eye.

But we do wish she'd be more open about the work she's had done, so as not to give her young fans the idea that they too will one day wake up with a new set of breakneck curves without help from a team of SoCal's finest docs.

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