Kendall Jenner: Fully Naked & Smoking a Cigarette on Instagram!

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If you follow her on Instagram, you know Kendall Jenner is often semi-nude.

But due to the site's weirdly stringent policies on nipples, we never see Kendall actually naked.

Fortunately, the woman is an innovator and a forward thinker when it comes to nudity, and she's finally figured out a loophole.

Kendall Jenner: Completely Naked on Instagram

Yes, Instagram doesn't have a rule against side-boob!

Nor does it have any rules against butts or cigarettes or weird outdoor chandeliers.

So Kendall is well within her Insta-rights here.

But she still wants to make it clear to her young fans that she didn't get that body by being careless with her health.

She captioned the photo simply:

"I don't smoke."

Kendall Jenner's Flat Abs

Yes, because the cigarette is what everyone is looking at.

And that's it. Kendall provided no further context or explanation for the pic.

We assume someone informed her that the peasants of the world have to work on Mondays, so she decided to lighten our burden with some unexpected nakedness.

And for that, we thank her.

Reports of a nude Kendall photoshoot have been circulating for some time now, so this might be the the first in a series!

But hey, now is not the time for getting our hopes up.

Kendall Jenner Waves

Instead, allow us to simply gaze upon the shiny form of the Kard clan member who might be the most underrated in terms of hotness.

We know, we know - Kendall's a Victoria's Secret model, which is basically the hotness equivalent of winning a Nobel Prize.

But her sisters all tend to show a lot more skin on the 'Gram, and thus, they seem to have more sexed-up public images.

Obviously, that mostly applies to Kim and Kylie, but these days, Kourtney and Khloe are putting themselves out there quite a bit, too.

Mind you, we are in no way complaining about any of it.

It's just that when Kylie gets naked on Instagram, it's no big deal.

When Kendall gets naked on Instagram, it's an event.

In fact, businesses should probably be closed today.

Feel free to just take the rest of the day off, and if your boss asks why, just show him the naked Kendall photo.

He'll either immediately understand, or you'll be fired.

Either way, your afternoon is free, and you have Kendall to thank!

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