Katie Maloney: I Don't Hate Lala Kent Anymore!

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Feuds are what make great reality shows work, and if you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you know the series has never been lacking in the bad blood department.

But we're a little concerned that the show's upcoming sixth season might be lacking the seething hostility that's made the happenings at SUR so compulsively watchable up to this point.

Cast members who seemed to be on the verge of bludgeoning one another with wine bottles are now either burying the hatchet or simply keeping their distance from one another.

Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Photo

First, Jax and James Kennedy got along during the Vanderpump Season 5 reunion show, even though the latter is just someone's pet mole rat who they dressed up in '90s club douche gear, not knowing he would escape and get cast on a reality show.

Then came rumors that Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney are getting divorced, so we won't have their occasionally amusing/frequently disturbing blow-outs to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Now, it's even being reported that Jax and Brittany Cartwright have broken up, leaving Taylor without a target for his 'roid rage.

As if all that wasn't enough, it looks as though arguably the most bitter feud in the history of Vanderpump has come to a surprising end.

Yes, Katie took to Instagram last night to confirm that she and Lala are now totes besties:

Katie Maloney, Lala Kent

"This is a first... but hey, chemistry is chemistry. Also sprang tans are chemistry. Also, hello. Edit: 'sprang tans' are a real," Maloney captioned the post.

We're not sure what the "sprang tans" stuff is all about (sounds like a Tequila Katie caption to us), but it sounds like another VPR rivalry has bitten the dust.

Not only are the two former foes posing for selfies, that pic was taken in Mexico, so it seems they recently went on vacation together.

A bit surprising considering these two hurled about every kind of horrendous insult imaginable at one another, but good for them.

And it's not like it'll affect our viewing experience, as Lala quit the show last season.

Ooh La La (Kent)

Of course, it's not unheard of for Vanderpump cast members to quit and be welcomed back (See: Stassi Schroeder), so there's always hope for a Lala return.

We're all for foes becoming friends, it's just a little troubling that the entire cast seems to be BFFs these days.

Vanderpump currently leads the pack in terms of guilty-pleasure viewing for a reason, and it's not because of the terrific friendships and rational, sober discourses.

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