Britney Spears: Latest Pics Spark Boob Job Rumors

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At this point in her career, Britney Spears has demonstrated the sort of resilience and longevity that most pop stars only dream of.

The singer has been dismissed and counted out on a number of occasions, and each time she's stunned the music world by bouncing back.

Naturally, Brit's also been the subject of countless rumors over the years, many of them having to do with her youthful good looks.

Britney Spears in Japan

Yesterday, Spears posted a workout video for the enjoyment of her 17 million Instagram followers, and some fans remarked that the 35-year-old appeared to have had some work done/

Not content to engage in wild speculation Life & Style did one of those pieces where they bring in a plastic surgeon and have him examine photos of Britney so that they can engage in educated speculation.

“First of all, loss of baby fat goes a long way to making the face look different,” Dr. Andrew Miller explained to the tabloid.

“As to procedures she may have done, Britney always had a slight asymmetry between her eyes that appears improved in her later photos. Also, the lips look a bit fuller and the nose is a little thinner.”

Britney Spears Works Out

Curiously, Miller failed to remark on whether or not Spears has had breast implants, which seemed to be the number one topic of interest for fans commenting on her video.

He did say that if Brit's working with a plastic surgeon, she clearly shelled out for onw of the best:

“Everything does look natural so whatever she has done, it appears to have been done well.” 

High praise coming from a guy who certainly knows his stuff.

Somewhat disappointingly, the question of whether or not Spears has had plastic surgery will likely remain unanswered until her inevitable late career memoir is uploaded directly to your brain, or however people read books by then.

Britney Spears Is Supreme

The important thing is that whether she's gone under the knife or not, Brit's taken great pains to ensure both peak physical fitness and continued pop cultural relevance.

Spears' Vegas residency remains wildly popular, and she continues to turn in remarkably physical performances for packed houses.

The whole thing is damn impressive no matter what sort of work she's had done.

Here's hoping this pop queen will continue to slay for many years to come.

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