Amy Schumer's Bikini Day Pic is Not What You Expect

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Wednesday was Bikini Day!

Plenty of people celebrated it as the most wonderful time of the year, because it's July and if the entire Northern Hemisphere is going to be unbearably hot, then those of us who live here might as well make the most of it.

Amy Schumer's contribution to Bikini Day was a little late and a little unorthodox, and might surprise you (or not surprise you at all), depending on how well you know Amy Schumer.

Amy Schumer: Selfie in London

Amy Schumer's brand is -- well, it's successful, for one thing.

But she's known for being funny.

(Yes, we can all debate some of her jokes and comedy is subjective and blah-blah-blah, but she's funny).

She's know for being irreverent.

(A lot of comedy is)

And she's known for being body-positive.

(With the possible exception of that time Amy Schumer body-shamed Khloe Kardashian for losing weight)

We think that her Bikini Day photo really, truly represents her brand.

Amy Schumer's Bikini Day Photo

Now, this is unusual in terms of bikini photos.

It's mostly the angle that's unorthodox.

Amy Schumer's bikini photos in the past have been a little more traditional.

And we suppose that by "traditional," we in part mean "taken at flattering angles."

Some people look their best laying on their backs.

(But don't tell a coworker that because it will sound sexual and you will deservedly get in trouble)

But every position in which you hold your body is going move things around, and maybe what makes your boobs look their best doesn't do wonders for your butt.

In this case, though, Amy Schumer's somehow managing to lay down and also slouch at the exact same time.

And yeah, it makes her abdomen look a little less smooth than usual.

Perhaps more to the point, her legs are open, as if the camera's about to investigate what she's got going on under those bottoms.

(If so, good for her!)

But the end result is something that's bound to grab attention.

Which is about as on-brand as Amy Schumer gets.

Amy Schumer at CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards

Though it used to seem like they were perfect together, Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch broke up last month.

That was a bit of a surprise -- even we were taken aback.

(And we can be a little cynical sometimes)

But it just wasn't expected, considering how much the two loved each other.

On the plus side, maybe they'll both find their perfect partners, somewhere out there.

(Also, maybe we won't be subject to any more too much information anecdotes about Amy Schumer's oral sex habits ... at least not in relation to Ben)

(Like, we're not prudes, but there's a time and a place, okay?)

Most people who take bikini photos of that nature are already so thoroughly settled down that they basically don't care what people think of their bodies.

Amy Schumer's message is different.

She's not shy about showing her body for exactly what it is.

(She's not shy about anything, let's be real)

Besides, she knows that we've already all seen her more standard bikini pics.

Amy Schumer Bikini Pose

She still looks good in both photos.

We wonder if her odd angle choice is going to catch on.

You never know what's going to set a weird trend.

Maybe next year, or for the rest of the summer, Kendall Jenner's bikini pics will be from that angle?

Or maybe Emily Ratajkowski's huge boobs won't stop her from getting jobs when they appear a little flatter when she assumes the Schumer pose.

But ... probably not.

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