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According to a bombshell new report, it’s all over between Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner.

The actual break-up isn’t exactly a bombshell, we know.

This isn’t really explosive information to anyone who didn’t see much of a future between the rapper and the Instagram model.

A Kylie Jenner Face
Photo via Instagram

But insiders reveal to MediaTakeOut that the split transpired because Kylie was dubious of Scott and therefore checked his cell phone, a somewhat unethical move we wouldn’t recommend to anyone in a serious relationship.

Except it paid off for Kylie in the discovery of the truth, this less-than-reliable website writes.

Because Jenner came across evidence that Scott has apparently cheated on her with "at least 10" women!

Is this really all that shocking?

Considering Scott has allegedly also slept with Kendall Jenner and openly compared the sisters in bed to anyone who would listen?

No. But that doesn’t make the information any less hurtful for Kylie.

Travis Scott Instagram Image
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A source close to the random rapper previously told something titled “News Hip Hop” that Kylie is better than Kendall in the sack, so at least she has that going for her.

It remains unclear, however, just where Kylie stacks up when compared to the many other women to whom Scott has supposedly been slipping it.

This is pure speculation, but we’d imagine Jenner wasn’t totally satisfying her man if he so willingly and so frequently stepped out on her.

(Editor’s note: Being unhappy in bed with your mate is NOT an excuse for cheating. There’s never an excuse for cheating. We’re not blaming Kylie in any way here. We’re just responding to Scott’s earlier analysis of his bedroom conquests.)

The timing of this report couldn’t come at a worse time.

Kylie Jenner Smokes
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For starters, some believe Kylie and Travis Scott are actually married, which means the latter has been committing infidelity and ugly divorce proceedings may be on tap.

Others, meanwhile, say that Jenner recently got a butterfly tattoo in honor of Scott (who also has a butterfly tattoo), which would simply be humiliating for the young reality star.

Imagine getting a permanent etching on your skin as a tribute to your boyfriend…

… and then that boyfriend goes out and sleeps with, like, a dozen other people?!?

Poor Kylie.

Jenner, of course, split from Tyga just a few months ago, quickly rebounding with Scott not long after the public breakup.

There hasn’t been much talk of a wedding or kids when it came to Jenner and Scott, as most believed this was a fling that would run its course.

And maybe now it’s done so.

But we’re guessing Jenner wanted to be the one to end it, not be the one who was victimized by yet another careless and horny celebrity who may have just been using her for fortune and fame.

Like we said above: poor Kylie.