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Tiny and T.I. are so full of drama, even after divorcing. 

But now that Tameka “Tiny” Harris is reportedly pregnant — with T.I.’s baby, no less — we have to wonder what’s going to change between these two.

T.I. and Tiny

If anything changes at all, that is.

Because honestly, this couple is straight out of a soap opera. Just with fewer comas and evil twins.

Some couples just get caught in a cycle of conflict.

And let’s just say that reality stars are extra motivated to have drama.

If viewers want dramatic nonsense, it sounds like they’re about to have more than they can handle.

MediaTakeOut reports that Tiny is pregnant with T.I.’s child and sporting the beginnings of a baby bump. 

T.I. and Tameka in 2015

First of all, as with any pregnancy rumor, we need to acknowledge that this is evidence and not proof.

Tiny might have a baby bump, or she might have just been slouching in an unflattering outfit.

As with the Rihanna pregnancy rumors, sometimes what looks like an early pregnancy is actually just what happens when a human poses a certain way with fabric draped over it.

But, since T.I. has apparently been crazy about Tiny even after the divorce, this sounds a little more believable to us.

They already have, what, three kids together? One more isn’t so far-fetched.

Even if we don’t know for sure, we have to think about what this could mean for the couple of exes.

A pregnancy might not necessarily force them back together, since they got divorced despite having kids.

But getting pregnant after a divorce can mean anything from a one-time mistake to a sign that the passion’s still there.

T.I. and Tameka
(Getty Images for PUMA)

Pregnancy rumors aside, they still divorced.

It was messy, with Tiny and T.I. accused each other of cheating.

T.I. didn’t exactly bend over backwards to deny it, while Tiny swore up and down that she’d never do such a thing.

That can be super toxic for a relationship, but it’s worth noting that people who cheat can 100% still love each other.

And plenty of cheaters get back together.

We have to remember that all of their divorce drama actually saved their show.

Yes, really.

Audiences don’t go to reality TV to see normal people getting along — otherwise series that highlight the everyday lives of minorities would be popular instead of huge snooze-fests.

Audiences watch reality television to see people who are absolutely bonkers interact with each other and inevitably get into conflicts and overreact.

Well, a couple that divorced following cheating allegations and still has to film a show together is always going to make for some drama.

The promise of fights was what kept the network from cancelling them.

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Is this pregnancy going to save their marriage?

Probably not. Again, they already have kids, so they’ll always be connected.

And nobody should marry just because of a pregnancy. Unless, we suppose, they just really need insurance.

But if Tiny and T.I. are still going at it after their divorce, then maybe the feelings that draw them together are stronger than the ones that drive them apart.

Maybe they both just needed some breathing room and some time to think.

Here’s something to consider, though — if they save their marriage, will they be putting T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle back on the network’s chopping block?