The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: Did Gizelle Apologize?

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Gizelle was not impressed by the way Monique handled her lake house party, but could anyone really blame Monique for icing her out?

Gizelle has been so hostile to Monique ever since she joined the series and it's been awful to watch. On The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 9, the communication between the women only got worse. 

When the episode got underway, the ladies had lunch, while rehashing the events of the season thus far. Gizelle made it her mission to drag Monique's name through the mud. 

The other ladies looked on in shock at the way she was acting, but there was nothing they could do to shut her up. Gizelle prides herself in being the Ice Queen of the group. 

While Monique was focusing her efforts on her latest luxury party, Charrisse and Karen continued to chat about the idea of having all of the ladies hit up Bermuda. 

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They got a lot of time to talk about it because they were stuck in traffic as they made their way to the party. Monique was pissed because the caterer was also running late, so it was not the best day. 

The party went off without a hitch, and that's because Gizelle was nowhere in sight. That woman has got to be one of the biggest troublemakers in reality TV. 


Charrisse and Karen struggled to stay friendly when they bickered over which one of them came up with the trip to Bermuda. It was sad, pointless argument that proved these ladies could argue with the furniture if they were alone. 

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When the bickering continued, each lady decided it would be best if they each got to plan one day of the trip. It was surprisingly mature. Maybe they could all make friends in the future. 

Meanwhile, Robyn was still trying to make sense of her failing relationship with Juan. She made her way to a therapist for some guidance. 

The therapist was surprisingly direct about the way things were going in Robyn's life and told her she needed to love herself, or she would never find a healthy relationship. 

This made Robyn realize that she could move on from Juan and find someone else to love. However, this is Robyn, and she changes her mind as often as Gizelle storms out of a room in a fit of rage. 

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Robyn was not the only one having relationship woes. Ashley was trying to juggle her relationship and her failing restaurant. She decided to have a party and invited critics along to sample the new menu. 

It received roaring reviews from the critics, something that made her very happy. While that went well, she and Michael struggled to have a conversation. 

The two went on a pottery course together and confessed their love to one another, but Ashley was adamant about not having children. This irked Michael and may have put their relationship woes back to square one. 

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