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Steve Bannon is not the kind of guy you expect to engage in body-shaming.

For starters, he looks like if someone put a suit and tie on Keith Richards’ liver and taught it words like "globalist" and "cuck."

On top of that, he’s a 63-year-old White House strategist, not a 15-year-old Taylor Swift fan trolling Katy Perry on Instagram.

Sean Spicer

But body-shaming is just what President Bannon is being accused of today after comments he made regarding Sean Spicer’s reduced role behind the White House press room podium.

Asked why more press briefings are taking place off-camera, Bannon didn’t give the obvious reply ("Have you seen those trainwrecks?!"), but instead delivered a one-liner that went over about as well as the first Trump Care proposal.

"Sean got fatter," Bannon reportedly told a reporter.

The comment caught the attention of many social media users, including Chelsea Clinton, who called Bannon out for what she considers fat-shaming:

"The White House using fat shaming to justify increased opacity. 2017," Clinton tweeted.

Steve Bannon in the White House

When several of Clinton’s followers pointed out that Bannon appeared to be joking, Clinton amended her statement slightly:

"Oh ok. So using fat shaming to avoid answering questions about increasing opacity. Got it. 2017," the former first daughter tweeted.

Few White House press secretaries have received as much attention as Spicer, and that’s not by design.

Spicer’s obvious ineptitude has made him a frequent target for ridicule and even inspired a series of memorable SNL sketches in which Spicer is played by Melissa McCarthy.

Judging from the reaction to his joke today, Bannon should probably leave the humor to her.

Sean Spicer Image

There have long been rumblings that President Trump would like to replace Spicer with Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

Reducing the amount of time Spicy spends on camera is seen by many as the first step toward replacing him with Huckabee-Sanders, so it’s not hard to see why Bannon would be keen to laugh off questions from reporters.

But we’re guessing Spicer wishes Bannon would’ve chosen a different way to change the topic.

Even the most soulless of dead-eyed lackeys have feelings.

We think …