Maci Bookout: Terrified Ryan Edwards Will Go Back on Drugs!

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It's been an eventful couple months in the life of Ryan Edwards.

Not only did Ryan marry Mackenzie Standifer in a quickie wedding attended only be his parents, he also took drastic action to save his own life.

Ryan checked into rehab shortly after his wedding, a move fans have been pressuring him to make for several months.

Ryan Edwards on the Teen Mom Reunion

These days, Edwards is out of treatment and claims he's "happier than ever," but there's still considerable cause for concern.

For one thing, Ryan only stayed in treatment about a month, which is usually considered the bare minimum length for an in-patient course of care.

On top of that, when Edwards left rehab, his first course of action was to pick a fight with Maci Bookout online.

Ryan saw it as defending himself, but fans took it as an indication that he's still caught up in the negative emotions of the recent past.

Whatever the case, Bookout refused to engage, and in public statements, she's said she's just glad her troubled ex is trying to get back on the right path.

Ryan Edwards, Maci Bookout Photo

“Maci is terrified that Ryan is going to relapse again,” an insider close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

“She really cannot go through that hell again. Yes, he went to rehab and he got sober, but she’s worried that he’s not keeping up with his meetings and she’s really scared he’s going to start spiraling again."

Maci and Ryan are both married to different people these days, but they're forever bound together by their son, Bentley, and Bookout is clearly focused on ensuring that her child has two positive male role models in his life:

"They may not be together anymore, and both have moved on, but they still share a kid together, so Maci is obviously concerned that Ryan stays sober, for Bentley’s sake and his,” says the source.

Ryan Edwards Image

Like pretty much everyone else on the cast, Maci has been somewhat of a divisive figure over the years.

She's taken her fair share of criticism, but it's hard not to be appreciative of the lengths she's gone to to ensure Edwards gets the help he needs, especially since her ex has been less than grateful in return.

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