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Little Mix has run into a little problem.

The group took part in One Love Manchester on Sunday night, an impressive event organized by Ariana Grande two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 fans at a concert she performed inside Manchester Arena.

Photo via John Medina/LP5

The show raised over $2 million for families of those who died in this attack, along with the victims who suffered injuries as the result the detonated nail bomb.

Grande was introduced to open the fundraiser… performed duets on multiple occasions with such big names as Miley Cyrus and The Black Eyed Peas… and then closed the concert with a moving performance.

Justin Bieber gave an emotional speech about God, while Katy Perry received praise for her simple rendition of "Part of Me" and Cyrus performed a track titled "Inspired."

On a whole, the event was VERY well received.

Except when it came to Little Mix; specifically, to the outfits the four women who comprised this group wore on stage.

Little Mix on Stage
Photo via BBC

Despite the somber tone of the event (which was also held just one day after three terrorists killed seven civilians in London), Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock stormed the stage at the Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground in some rather revealing ensembles.

Three of the singer (Edwards, Nelson and Thirlwall) rocked fish net stockings and leotards.

Pinnock basically only wore a bra on top.

Tweeted one viewer upon watching the group perform:

“Who picked Little Mix’s outfits? Put you’re asses away you are at a charity gig!"

And this critic was far from alone.

Grande wore a long sweatshirt for the occasion. Miley didn’t Twerk. Perry didn’t wear any blue wigs.

All the featured musicians appeared to tone down their acts for the unique event, well aware of their surroundings and the 22 people whose memory they were honoring through song.

This is why Little Mix sticking to its usual sexy theme and risque wardrobe stood out to such a degree… and this is why so many Twitters users reacted to their performance with disgust.

To wit:

Mix Responses

Not everyone shared this point of view, however.

At least one individual pointed to the hypocrisy of celebrating freedom, only to slam singers who chose to express it via their fashion selections.

"everyone tearing little mix down for their outfits, thought the whole point was being empowered & free in the face of terror? #LittleMix," reasoned this person.

Added another, somewhat echoing this sentiment, but mostly choosing to focus on the bigger picture:

"@LittleMix performed last night to raise money for a gd cause. If u care more abt their outfits, it says more abt u than it does about them."

Check out the full Little Mix performance above and then weigh in with your thoughts.

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