Kourtney Kardashian: Scott Disick and Bella Thorne are DISGUSTING!

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As we learned a few days ago, Scott Disick and Bella Thorne seem to be back together again.

Or back to partying in the same general vicinity and hooking up out of convenience, whatever the case may be.

Oh Lord

Last week Bella shared some photos that were taken in Scott's backyard, and a few days after that they were seen attending Lana Del Rey's birthday party together.

It's a little surprising, considering that they cut ties pretty quickly after their first love fest in Cannes.

Some people claimed that Bella was overwhelmed by Scott's insane partying, some said that Scott simply got tired of Bella and moved on to the next girl.

Others even said that Bella has poor personal hygiene, and it was so bad that Scott kicked her out.

But whatever happened, it obviously wasn't bad enough to keep these lovebirds apart.

Kourtney Kardashian, No Bra

And Kourtney Kardashian is still just as displeased about the relationship as ever.

As a source explains to Hollywood Life, "Kourtney thinks it's gross that Scott is parading around with Bella Thorne, and she is disgusted and embarrassed that he is carrying on with a girl that is 19 years old."'

"She wishes that Scott would be an adult and is at a loss. She's also fearing the worst."

It's funny because Scott is 34 years old and Bella is 19 -- he's 15 years older than her.

And at 38 years old, Kourtney is 15 years older than her current boy toy, 23-year-old Younes Bendjima.

Nice Abs!

However, "The difference between Younes and Bella and all these girls that Scott is hooking up with is that Kourtney actually sees a future with Younes, where she honestly believes that Scott is using Bella because she is young."

"Kourt would agree that it would be a double standard, but she has more feelings for Younes -- it's not just a hot hookup."

It makes sense, kind of ... we doubt there's any real connection between Scott and Bella.

And it doesn't help that Kourtney's worried about more than a fame-hungry 19-year-old.

The source explains that Scott's "drinking and partying is overboard," which really isn't news.

Scott Disick Stands

But the next bit is extremely troubling ...

"Kourtney doesn't know how to reason with Scott and doesn't want him to go the same route that Lamar did."

If she's worried his partying is as bad as Lamar Odom's was ... well, that's a whole new level of concerning.

The source adds that Kourtney "is scared where he is taking things."

"She is hoping that he gets help, but doesn't see that happening anytime soon ... or at all."

Here's hoping that she's wrong.

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