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Last week, Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth in one of the massively-attended gala ceremonies that we’ve come to expect from the usually modest Duggars.

Friends since childhood, Joy-Anna and Austin breezed through their courtship, reportedly violating the family’s strict ban on pre-marital physical contact many times along the way.

So it was widely assumed that the young couple had no reservations about their decision to tie the knot.

Joy-Anna Duggar on Her Wedding Day

But now it seems that even a bride as enthusiastic as Joy-Anna isn’t immune to a mild case of the pre-wedding jitters.

Though they were tight-lipped before the ceremony (The Duggars even posted a fake wedding registry for Joy-Anna in order to keep the real date a secret.), Joy-Anna and Austin are now opening up about their final hours as an engaged couple,

In a video shot the night before the wedding and uploaded to the Duggars’ official website today, the Fortsyths are remarkably candid in their comments in expressing their mixed emotions about saying "I do" in the morning.

"I’m sure I’m gonna start getting nervous," Joy-Anna told fans.

"I think he’s more nervous than I am at this point," she added, gesturing to Austin.

Joy-Anna Duggar Wedding Dress

She added:

"I think I’m gonna be pretty emotional on our wedding day. It’s a lot to commit to someone for the rest of your life.’

Ultimately, however, Joy-Anna and Austin both seemed more eager than anything.

"I think I’m just excited to marry my best friend," an elated Joy-Anna told the camera.

Joy-Anna being a Duggar, she concluded by promoting the Forsyth’s "wedding special," which will apparently debut on TLC on June 12.

Austin, Joy-Anna

Nutpial-based narratives are obviously a huge part of the Counting On appeal, but hopefully we’ll just get one episode devoted to Joy-Anna and Austin’s nuptials, instead of an entire season, like we did with Jinger.

As for how the couple is faring in their early days as a married couple, Jim Bob and Michelle say it’s all good in the Forsyth hood:

"Austin and Joy are loving married life!" the family reported on Facebook.

Watch Counting On online in order to get caught up in time for Joy-Anna and Austin’s wedding special.