Jenelle Evans: Son Kaiser Celebrates Third Birthday!

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Jenelle Evans has a lot going on in her life right now.

And honestly, a lot of it isn't great.

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Last month, her big long custody battle with her mother over her oldest son, Jace, came to an end when she agreed to a new visitation schedule instead of going to trial for full custody.

To hear her tell it, it was a pretty tough blow.

She was also feuding with David Eason's sister for a while, and that messy social media fight made her look super trashy -- trashier than she's looked in a long time.

And next month, her very first book comes out, and with it will come new confessions about her troubled childhood and her heroin addiction.

It's a lot of heavy stuff.

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But things aren't all bad for Jenelle: she's getting settled into her new home, she's got her precious baby girl, Ensley, and she and David are planning a wedding for later this year.

Thanks to her new custody arrangement with Barbara, she's got Jace for the whole summer while he's out of school.

And her middle child, that precious little Kaiser, just turned three years old yesterday!

To celebrate with her followers, she shared a cute little Snapchat-filtered photo of the birthday boy and wrote "#HappyBirthday to Kaiser! he's turning 3 today!"

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Kaiser's father, Nathan Griffith, also took the time to wish his son a happy birthday on Twitter.

"Three years ago, one of the greatest things in my life happened... I became a father once again!" he wrote. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAISER!"

Isn't it crazy to think that it's only been three years since Jenelle gave birth to that cute kid?

It feels like a different lifetime, in terms of Teen Mom gossip, at least.

When JenelleĀ got pregnant with Kaiser, she had just divorced Courtland Rogers and had aborted a pregnancy with him.

With Courtland, she'd continued her heroin addiction, and according to the police reports, it was a violent, extremely unhealthy relationship.

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A few months after they split, she started dating Nathan, and a few months after that, they conceived the birthday boy himself.

During that pregnancy, Nathan was absolutely awful to her, and after the baby was born, that didn't change much.

We saw domestic assault arrests, animal abuse, there were rumors of continued drug use by Jenelle ... it was bad.

As much grief as we give her, she really has come such a long way in such a short amount of time, and she deserves some credit for that.

These days, she actually seems stable, like she's a caring, attentive parent.

And really, that's the best gift she could give Kaiser on his special day.

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