Demi Lovato Lingerie Pics: Too Hot to Handle!!

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Demi Lovato, apparently not content to let her giant boobs conquer the world at their own pace, is pushing things along using Snapchat.

This time, her weapon of choice is some jaw-dropping lingerie pics. Yes: pics, plural.

Yeah, it's no surprise that this singer's feeling confident. Dang, girl.

Demi Lovato on a Boat

The body-positive, health-conscious, self-defense-practicing actress, singer, and advocate has a lot going for her.

Especially these days.

But looks are never something to thumb your nose at.

Especially sultry looks like hers.

And if you've ever received some similar pics ...

(From, you know, a non-celebrity)

... You know that most of them don't have the kind of attention to lighting and angles and makeup that Demi's showing.

That's no slight on everyday selfies.

Demi's just a celebrity.

And she knows how to serve looks.

Demi Lovato in Black

If looks could kill, right?

(Though Demi Lovato without makeup looks just as stunning)

But this isn't the last of her pics by any stretch of the imagination.

As gorgeous and inviting as that snap is ...

And it is.

The next one's sexier in a much more in-your-face way.

Almost a down-to-earth thirst trap that you'd see from a friend.

Demi's no stranger to cleavage, of course, but this isn't her regular look.

Complete with some hard-to-miss lingerie that is oh-so flattering.

Demi Lovato Stuns in Lingerie

Entertainment Tonight suggested that Demi Lovato was smizing in these photos.

That's a term that Tyra Banks invented, meaning "smiling with one's eyes."

At the risk of being crass ... we kind of disagree.

She's not smizing, she's ... smboobing?

That is, smiling with her boobs.

But Demi isn't exclusively about traditional lingerie, folks.

Sometimes she likes to glam it up.

Demi Lovato Glams it Up

Yes, that's a pretty classic "sexy showgirl" look.

Right down to the feathers.

Do we know what brought on this series of seductive snaps?


Do we care?

Actually ... yes.

Demi's career is always interesting to watch and she comes out with some great stuff.

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