DeMario Jackson to Bachelor in Paradise: SEE YA!

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DeMario Jackson may be in the clear, but that doesn't mean he wishes to return to the scene of the alleged crime.

According to TMZ insiders, the controversial reality star has turned down an invitation from ABC to appear again on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4.

He's done with the show forever.

DeMario, 30

And the same may very well apply to television in general.

Jackson, of course, has been embroiled in scandal for several weeks now.

It actually started during his appearance on The Bachelorette, as Rachel Lindsay learned this suitor was on the show despite having a girlfriend at the time.

She understandably told DeMario off on camera and then gave him the boot at that episode's Rose Ceremony.

Just a couple weeks later, it was confirmed that Jackson would be flown to Mexico for The Bachelorette-The Bachelor spinoff...

... and that's when the problems really began for DeMario.


A few days into filming, witnesses say Jackson and Corinne Olympios got drunk and then got into a pool together.

It didn't take long for things to get very hot and extremely heavy between the Z-Listers, as clothes came flying off and "rubbing, touching and fingering" commenced, as one source described it.

However, a producer told executives shortly after the hook-up ended that she wasn't certain Corinne was sober enough to consent to Jackson's actions.

Once such an allegation was leveled, the production company shut down shooting due to possible "sexual misconduct" and all cast members were sent home.

Olympios eventually released a statement in which she claimed to have been victimized, while DeMario responded by saying his character was under attack.

Both sides threatened legal action.

DeMario Jackson on Inside Edition

Then, on Monday, Warner Bros. announced it had completed its investigation, saying it had looked at a video of the interactions between Corinne and DeMario and determined that no misconduct had taken place.

Yes, new contestant safety protocol would be established moving forward, but that was about it.

No charges were to be be filed and no further action taken.

Heck, in a stunning decision, the company even said Bachelor in Paradise would resume filming.

However, we now know it will do so without either of the parties at the center of its latest scandal.

Corinne was reportedly NOT invited back, which doesn’t come as a surprise.

We doubt she’d have accepted the offer anyway, not when her lawyer said he plans on conducting his own investigation into what transpired.

But at least one insider tells TMZ that Jackson was, indeed, asked back for the remainder of Season 4, which apparently will still air this summer on ABC.

He has declined the opportunity, though, because he's angry that his name will forever be linked to a sex scandal.

He's even started to see a therapist to deal with the aftermath of these crazy couple weeks.

The insider goes on to say that Jackson is likely done with reality television in general and is now seeking to become an "on-air personality."

We're guessing this is a reference to the role or a radio host. Or something along those lines.

What do you think of ABC's decision to basically pretend as if this scandal never happened?

Should it really be inviting cast members back down to Mexico go get drunk and get naked, in light of these allegations?

Or should it perhaps take a few weeks to re-evaluate the premise for these types of shows and whether or not it's a good idea to base entire programs on the concepts of random people getting drunk and hooking up?

Seems like a recipe for disaster at some point, doesn't it?

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