DeMario Jackson: Fired Over Bachelor in Paradise Scandal!

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DeMario Jackson continues to say the truth will set him free.

Until it comes out, however, Jackson suddenly has a lot more free time on his hands.

The reality star spoke to Inside Edition for a segment that aired on Thursday night, telling the program that he's no longer employed as a result of the ongoing Bachelor in Paradise scandal.

DeMario Jackson on Inside Edition

He says he's lost his job as an executive recruiter.

“My character has been assassinated, my family name has been drug through the mud,” Jackson told Inside Edition, adding:

“The only thing I want is for the truth to come out. I feel like the truth will be able to come out in those videos.”

Jackson had emphasized both of these sentiments before.

In his first extended statement since production on Bachelor in Paradise was shut down over allegations of sexual misconduct that stemmed from his interactions with Corinne Olympios, Jackson said it's "unfortunate that my character and family name has been assassinated."

He said in this same statement that he was hiring an attorney.

Jackson has also stated on multiple occasions that a cameraman filmed his alleged hook-up with Corinne on the ABC series.

He believes this footage will clear his name.


DeMario is currently crashing at a family's member house in Southern California.

Despite Corinne implying in a recent statement of her own that she was victimized by Jackson, the former Bachelorette suitor says he harbors no ill will toward her.

“I don't blame anyone right now, all I want [are] the tapes," he told Inside Edition.

As has been reported in detail over the past several days, Jackson and Olympios got drunk while filming an episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 last week.

They started kissing and doing other sexual stuff in a pool, only for Jackson to reportedly go flaccid as a result of too much alcohol.

DeMario Jackson on the Street

This ended their hook-up, but the scandal was only just beginning.

A producer told network executives that she didn't think Olympios was sober enough to give Jackson consent for what transpired, prompting an investigation to be launched by the production company and all cast members to be sent home.

ABC is yet to make an announcement, but the show is almost definitely canceled as a result of this controversy.

It remains unclear, however, whether the main target of investigation and of Corinne's blame is Jackson for his actions...

... or producers for their lack of taking action once it became clear the state Corinne was in during her reported "touching" and "rubbing" with DeMario.


“I am a victim," Olympios said in a statement earlier this week, adding at the time:

"Although I have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place. As a woman, this is my worst nightmare and it has now become my reality.”

Olympios has also hired a lawyer to represent her interests in this case.

Meanwhile, Lexi Thexton - who actually appeared on an episode of The Bachelorette this month to call out DeMario for being on the series despite the two of them being in a relationship - just spoke to TMZ.

She described her now-ex-boyfriend as a “30-year-old man child,” but said he would never take advantage of a drunk woman.

Thexton had previously slammed Jackson as a "sh-tty guy" during her Bachelorette cameo.

So we're left to continue waiting to learn more information about what happened between Corinne and DeMario.

Warner Bros. says it is conducting an investigation and it "will take appropriate responsive action" once this investigation is complete.

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