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As previously detailed, Christina El Moussa is dating a man with a very shady past.

His name is Doug Spedding and he’s been accused on multiple occasions of ripping off clients at his car dealership.

But those inappropriate and possibly illegal machinations are not at the crux of Christina’s latest issues with her new man.

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Instead, according to a bombshell Radar Online report, questions have arisen less about Spedding’s past and more about his present and future.

Specifically: is he cheating on El Moussa?!?

Insiders have hinted over the past few weeks that Doug has been involved in a five-year long relationship with a woman named Tracy Johnson-Diaz.

And now Radar alleges to have uncovered steamy text messages between Doug and Tracy, the type that someone in a serious romance should most definitely NOT be sending to anyone who isn’t his girlfriend.

To wit:

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In one message shared by Radar, Doug comes right out and asked Tracy if she wants to "f-ck right now."

In another, she asks if the two are going to "bed" so she can figure out what to wear.

It’s unclear just when these texts were sent and, to be clear, we can’t verify for certain that Doug sent any of them.

As you can see above, the screen shots posted by Radar don’t have timestamps on them or even names affixed to them. They could literally have been sent by anyone at any time.

We can say for sure, though, that Spedding was arrested years ago for meth possession and also for violating a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend.

He had to enroll in a drug program as part of his plea deal, while the case was closed upon its completion.

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Christina, of course, shares two young children with estranged husband Tarek El Moussa.

The two separated just over a year ago, following an explosive fight that concluded when Tarek grabbed a gun and stormed out of the house.

The Flip or Flop co-hosts kept this separation quiet, however, until news leaked out about six months later.

Then, to kick off 2017, Tarek filed for divorce from Christina.

Both have since shared many photos on Instagram and talked openly about maintaining a healthy relationship for the sake of their son and daughter.

Christina, meanwhile, has been linked romantically to her former contractor, to an NHL player and now to Spedding.

She’s clearly a hot commodity in the dating world.

Might she soon be back on the market as a result of Doug’s infidelity?

Might she and Tarek even give it another try if so?

Definitely not is the answer to the second question.

As for the first? Only time, folks, will tell. Only time.