Chris Harrison Breaks Silence on Bachelor in Paradise Scandal, Pushes for Patience

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Chris Harrison understands why the Internet can't stop talking about what allegedly transpired south of the border during the taping of Bachelor in Paradise last week.

But he'd really like it if everyone could take a deep breath at least.

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Throughout the day on Monday, news continued to break in regard to something that happened between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson while they filmed Season 4.

According to various outlets, the reality stars got very drunk and then started to hook up.

Clothes came off. Spit was swapped. There was a lot of "rubbing" and "fingering," sources close to Jackson claim.

But a producer went to executives shortly after Olympios and Jackson got together, arguing that the former was too drunk to give her consent.

Once allegations of any sort of sexual assault were leveled, production was shut down and cast members were sent home.

Many questions remain when it comes to this disturbing incident:

Did Jackson take advantage of a wasted Olympios? (No, according to certain insiders, who say Jackson himself was so drunk that he couldn't get an erection and who say that Corinne and DeMario are on solid terms right now.)

Did this producer actually witness the hook-up?

Why did she not step in as it was happening?

Will any charges actually be filed?

Will Bachelor in Paradise ever air another episode?

Corrine Olympios

All we can say for sure right now is that an investigation is underway to uncover more details.

While we wait, however, numerous blogs and websites are speculating about this aspect of the scandal or that report and Harrison gets it, of course.

But he'd love the world to take a chill pill.

“By now, no doubt, you have heard that we have suspended production on this season’s Bachelor in Paradise. I can confirm to you that this is sadly the case," Harrison said today to open a lengthy statement.

"Out of respect to all involved, there’s only so much I can and will say at this time.

"Normally with a situation like this I would not say anything until the incident is fully resolved, but with all the rumors and misinformation being put out there, I don’t find that to be possible anymore."

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Harrison did not get into specifics.

He likely doesn't even know at this point whether or not Corinne gave her consent to DeMario, who the aggressor was in this situation or who witnessed it take place.

That's why he's preaching patience, while also driving an important point home as best he can.

“Let me start by saying the safety and care of the cast and crew of our show is of the utmost importance to us.

"It is with this thought in mind that we made the decision to suspend filming.

"An investigation into the situation was started immediately. Warner Bros. is handling the details of that investigation.

"They’re moving quickly to gather all the facts, and once that’s done, a clear, concise decision can be made about where we go from here.”

Continues The Bachelor and The Bachelorette host:

“There are a lot of competing details in the various press accounts of the incident. And there’s a lot of misinformation out there too.

"We urge everyone to be patient until the investigation is complete."

Harrison doesn't know when this will be. He isn't saying whether the series will premiere on August 8 as originally scheduled, but that seems impossible to believe at this point.

It seems very unlikely Season 4 will air at any point at all, especially if franchise expert Reality Steve is to be believed.

As privy to information about this series as anyone on the outside can be, he Tweeted the following late Monday:

steve tweets

Concludes Harrison in his statement:

"I know in this day and age we want - and even expect - immediate answers, but in this case, it’s just not possible.

"So again, I urge you to please be patient and respect the privacy of the parties involved. I will keep you as informed and up to date as I possibly can.

"We’re sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment this may have caused the cast, the crew and our loyal fans.

"It is my sincere hope that we can come to a quick resolution on this and get back to work very soon."

A source tells People Magazine that law enforcement is NOT involved in the investigation.

But Warner Bros. made it clear on Sunday that enough suspicions have been raised over Corinne and DeMario's interaction that filming simply had to be stopped.

We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico.

We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.

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