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Brad Pitt is not an alcoholic.

The actor has not come out and labeled himself as such, although he has opened up in recent interviews like never before about his drinking.

In an interview with GQ Style, for example, Pitt admitted that not a day had gone by since college that he hadn’t drank or smoked… until he got his life a bit cleaned up several months ago.

Brad Pitt is So Cute
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This change in direction took place shortly after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce.

So anyway. There is a point to this introduction, we swear.

Pitt may not have gone as far as to call himself an alcoholic, but a new report claims the actor is still taking one of the twelve steps recommended for recovery.

He’s making amends.

Specifically, he’s making amends with a certain ex-wife with whom a number of people on the Internet still want him to end up.

Her name is Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston in Paris
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Pitt and Aniston split way back in 2005 amidst rumors that he cheated on the gorgeous actress with Jolie.

Those rumors were never confirmed; even to this day, even with all the coverage surrounding this divorce, no one is quite certain just what happened between the stars.

Did Jolie and Pitt have an actual affair? An emotional affair?

Either way, Aniston was dumped as a result.

And, as he reassesses every aspect of his life, Pitt supposedly reached out to Aniston at some recent point in the past to issue a mea culpa.

"Brad apologized for all the heartbreak,” an insider tells In Touch Weekly, adding:

“He doesn’t usually open up like that, but through therapy and recovery, he’s learned to express his feelings. He addressed all the hurt he caused her.”

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We can’t verify whether this conversation between exes actually transpired or not.

But it is true that Pitt has been more open than ever of late.

“We’re human and I find the human condition very interesting," he told the Associated Press last month, acknowledging he has no secrets and adding:

"If we’re not talking about it, then we’re not getting better.”

When news of Brangelina’s divorce broke in September, an endless array of people immediately thought of Aniston. Just because.

Just because she’ll always be associated with Pitt, despite being married to Justin Theroux and very clearly having moved on ages ago.

"I don’t think Jen cares about what’s going on and it’s crazy that people think she does," close friend Chelsea Handler said at the time.

"[It’s not] as if she’s sitting around caring about [Angelina]. I know I don’t."

This is not how the In Touch Weekly insider sees it, however.

This anonymous individual alleges that Aniston was thrilled to hear from Pitt after all this time.

"She was really won over by his apology,” the tabloid writes, concluding:

“A new era has begun for them. She was incredibly receptive to the amends he was making. She told him she forgives him and to focus on the future."

Sigh. Sure, whatever.

Let a new round of Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston speculation begin.