Christina El Moussa: Dabbling in Businessmen, Tormenting Tarek

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Christina El Moussa has allegedly found a new man.

And her old man is anything but pleased about it.

Christina El Moussa in Makeup

According to Entertainment Tonight, the 33-year old co-host of Flip or Flop is once getting flipped (YEAHHH!) and flopped (OH YEAHHHH!!!) these days by some guy named Doug.

He's a businessman and... that's it.

That's pretty much all we know about Doug at the moment, except for the fact that he's very fortunate in life because Christina El Moussa is very good looking.

"It's new. They've been talking and seeing each other for a couple of weeks," the website's source says of El Moussa and her latest lover.

But while this relationship is new, Christina's connection to Doug is quite the opposite.

"[They] recently reconnected," the insider adds, explaining that the two have actually known one another for 10 years and "dated" prior to Christina getting together with Tarek.


Christina and Tarek separated a year ago and announced their divorce in early 2017.

After splitting from her fellow HGTV star, El Moussa dated Gary Anderson for a little while, angering Tarek greatly because he actually worked as the family contractor.

Now, Tarek is allegedly upset once again over Christina inviting a new man into her bed.

Partly because he's in her bed, but also because Doug is in the lives of his children.

Indeed, Doug has already met six-year old daughter Taylor and one-year old son Brayden - and Tarek wasn't a fan of this guy even before he started to bone his ex-wife.

"Tarek has always had a sense of jealousy over her prior relationship with this person," the source tells ET.

The source concluded that ever since Christina told Tarek about her new relationship, the latter has been acting out.

"He's been spending time with young, attractive women," writes Entertainment Tonight, using the following image as evidence.

Tarek El Moussa and Women

This is perfectly fine and legal, of course. Tarek is now single for the first time in a long time.

And he's intent on enjoying himself.

"It's a whole new life and I am having a lot of fun. I'm just a free spirit, I'm happy, I love going on dates, I like meeting girls," El Moussa recently said.

Tarek and Christina have an unusual relationship.

They are not romantically involved, but they're both dedicated co-parents to their young kids and co-hosts of a show that is expected to air throughout 2017.

They have to remain on good terms, but there's clearly some tension here.

"Tarek still can't move forward with the fact that Christina has moved on with her life and that she's truly happy with herself," the ET source says, although Tarek scoffs at this notion.

"I do not want Christina back nor am I jealous," he told the outlet when asked for a quote for its article.

We mostly believed him. We think.

But if we have to someday add Former Flip or Flop Host Goes on Anger-Filled Rampage, Renovates Homes That Aren't Even His to the gallery above, well...

... we won't be shocked.

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