Adam Lind: Using Steroids and Killing Puppies?!

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Things aren't looking good for Adam Lind.

Well, they were never looking good -- he's always been an enormous jackass with zero redeeming qualities, but, you know, meth doesn't help.

Adam Lind Shows Off His Tattoos

In April, we learned that he'd failed a court-appointed drug test, and that he'd been found with a "substantial" amount of meth in his system.

And if that wasn't bad enough, we recently learned that the drug test was done just before he went to pick up his younger daughter, Paislee, for the weekend.

Meaning that Adam believed it was an OK choice to be on meth around his kid.

Thanks to that terrible decision, Adam's custody and visitation rights for Paislee are suspended indefinitely, and we imagine Chelsea Houska will follow suit for her daughter with Adam, Aubree.

If she hasn't already, that is.

Chelsea and Aubree Houska

It's all just such a horrific story, but now, against all odds, it's getting worse.

In newly revealed court documents, we're now discovering that Taylor Halbur, Adam's ex and the mother of Paislee, went to court to make a request in her custody agreement with Adam.

Apparently Adam was asking for unsupervised time with Paislee, but Taylor asked a judge to deny the request because he's "a dangerous person."

According to the papers, "His life has spun out of control ever since he found fame, or infamy for that matter, on a television series run on MTV called Teen Mom 2."

Don't we know it ...

Adam Lind, Kids

"He has come to view himself as a person above the law, above social norms and above all rules," the papers added.

Thanks to these horrifying documents, we now know that Taylor believes Adam has "serious anger issues."

She even claimed that "Upon information and belief, when we were dating and lived together, he killed two of my puppies."

"There was also another relationship that he was in, where he may have killed that person's dog. If you hurt a dog, you will hurt a child!"

Well, according to most psychologists, if you hurt a dog, you could turn out to be a serial killer, but yeah, he could definitely hurt a kid, too.

And if memory serves, Chelsea's had a dog or two disappear without a trace -- could Adam have been responsible?!

Adam Lind Instagram

Taylor also said that "I myself have seen many needles strewn around his home. Others have posted pictures of the Plaintiff with needles."

The issue, she said, is steroids -- no real surprise there.

But just when you think it gets any worse ...

"One time," Taylor recounted, "he tried to get a cell phone from me that was in my pocket."

"In an attempt to get a cell phone out of my pocket he knocked me and our infant daughter to the ground. He did not seem to care that he had almost harmed an infant child."

Adam Lind Steroids Photo

She also said that while "very high on steroids," he once slammed her against a wall and screamed at her.

What an absolute nightmare, right?

It's clear that Adam has no business being around children -- it was clear even before we first heard a whisper about meth.

Hopefully Taylor can take custody from him for good now, and Chelsea can do the same for Aubree.

After knowing all that we know now, we can't imagine being able to stomach seeing Adam at all, let alone seeing him with those poor girls.

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