Adam Lind: ACTUALLY Quitting Teen Mom 2?

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Adam Lind has the dubious honor of being considered the douchiest baby daddy in the Teen Mom franchise.

However, it looks like Chelsea Houska's ex may have forfeited that title as sources close to Lind have revealed that he's stepping away from the show that made him famous.

We've heard rumors about Lind quitting Teen Mom 2 before, but this time it looks like it may be a done deal, thanks in part to the fact that Lind is no longer an integral part of his baby mama's life.

Adam Lind Pitches Protein Bars on Instagram

“He just wants to live his life & not be bad-mouthed all the time,” a source tells Radar Online.

“He is living the normal quiet life. He’s working on a friend’s car lot doing mechanic work.”

The insider notes that the decision to part ways seems to be mutual, as producers have not yet offered him a contract for another season on the show.

 "If they offer it to him, he says he’s gonna say no," the source claims.

"He’s sick of getting bashed all the time on the show.”

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Though Lind always elicited a strong emotional response from viewers, he's factored into Chelsea's life less and less following her marriage to Cole DeBoer.

“He was under contract for Season Seven, but they didn’t film with him for the past seven months while they were filming with Chelsea,” the insider says.

Lind apparently feels that he's become the show's resident punching bag.

“So they just use him to bash him on the show," the source is quoted as saying.

Adam Lind Shows Off His Tattoos

While in the past, Lind fought with fans on Twitter, these days he reportedly steers clear of social media due to the amount of flak he gets from TM2 fans:

“It got to the point where Adam deleted his Twitter and doesn’t use his social media anymore,” the source claims.

“It’s pointless because he always has to defend the plot lines against him.”

Like other castmembers before, Lind blames Teen Mom 2 editors for falsely portraying him as a bad guy, but no amount of cutting room shenanigans can create the sort of behavior that earned him so much scorn from fans.

Adam Lind's Car Selfie

Of course, after he's gone, producers and viewers alike might better appreciate the importance of a good reality TV villain.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to re-live Lind's many low-lights.

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