Yes, A Male Romper is Now a Thing That Actually Exists

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Attention, Internet!

Please direct your attention away from Donald Trump's latest confusing Tweet and focus your energy on something even more disturbing:

A line of rompers for men is now available for purchase.

Male Romper

Hilariously called RompHim, the line was launched on Kickstarter by the company ACED Design ... and it has significantly exceeded its $10,000 goal, despite offering rompers for men.

The creators of this product say RompHim is designed to be your "favorite summer outfit."

They say it's perfect for trips trios to the beach... or parties on rooftops,... or attendance at music festivals. For any time or place, really.

As you can see in the photos above and below, these rompers features a front pocket, an adjustable waist for all shapes and sizes, a zippered back pocket and a zipper fly.

“We’re revolutionizing men’s fashion, and that doesn’t stop at product aesthetics,” reads the Kickstarter page.

It adds:

“We tested our RompHims on guys of all shapes and sizes to make sure we offer something for everyone - and our buttoned waist tabs help you get the most flattering contours possible.

"We promise that once you put it on, you won’t wanna take this thing off.”

Everyone around you with two working eyes may want you to take it off, but hey. Whatever!


Why the need for a guy romper, you may be wondering?

"Everything was either too corporate... too fratty... too 'runway' ... or too basic. Something was missing," ACED Design explains.

"Why wasn't there anything out there that allowed guys to be more stylish and fun without also sacrificing comfort, fit and versatility?"

It's a good question.

And, in case you were wondering, yes, there's a special Fourth of July RompHim that you can purchase just in time to celebrate the nation's birthday this summer:

july 4 romper

Sizes range from extra small (25-28 inch waist) to extra large (37-41 inch waist), so it doesn’t matter if you’re 5’3” or 6’3”. There’s a romper for you!

"Our team has done extensive due diligence and product testing on these garments and we love the way they look and wear," ACED Design also writes on Kickstarter, assuring readers:

"We've also lined up production partners for every step of the journey from design to doorstep."

As for how Twitter feels about this fashion forward garment? Well...

romper reaction

Not overly positive, we'd say.

But quite hilarious.

To wit:

funny romper

Among the Frequently Asked Questions on the Kickstarter site:

Who is this product for?

ANYONE who wants to make a statement. And ladies, if you've been looking for an athletic fit romper, this is the garment for you.

Why is it called the RompHim?

We think there is still a stigma around hetero men wearing clothing that is traditionally seen as "female," and thought that if we lowered the barrier to trying out an item of womenswear by giving it a silly name that indicated it was designed with men in mind, some men might be more willing to jump out of their comfort zones and onto #teamromper.

Hey, makes sense to us!

We'd write more about it, but we need to run out and go buy a bunch of staff rompers!

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