The Black Eyed Peas: Still Around! Snubbing Fergie!

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Well, this is a little out of left field.

Also out of, like, 2009.

Because it sounds like there's drama coming from The Black Eyed Peas, of all places.

People are being snubbed, shade is being thrown, and it looks like there's some bridge-burning.

Fergie in Peach and Black

We all know who The Black Eyed Peas are. There's Fergie, of course, easily the most famous member of the group.

In fact, they really only got famous after she joined them in 2000. She was kind of their face.

We'd say that racism was a factor there -- since racism is too often a factor -- but also she was kind of the band's face, and also the band's woman, and people notice. Plus, you know, she has a great voice.

The band also features, a brilliant musician even though he's also the one people blame for Britney Spears' Britney Jean phase.

And that's about the extent of most people's ability to name members of The Black Eyed Peas. Assuming that they're even able to distinguish them from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, possibly because both bands are definite articles followed by food ingredients.

That's our guess, anyway.

But is also part of The Black Eyed Peas. And so is Taboo.

Black Eyed Peas 'Classic' Tweet

So, this is Taboo's tweet, where he refers to "classic" Black Eyed Peas. Notice anyone missing from this image?

And sure, for 12 obscure years, the band did exist without Fergie. He's being historically accurate.

He's also, you know, very visibly excluding Fergie. Twitter isn't exactly secret or devoid of people who can read between the lines.

Still, on its own, we could have dismissed this as nostalgia mixed with an almost subtle snub.

But that wasn't the end of it.

Fergie on Stage

Mediatakeout reports that Taboo has unfollowed Fergie on Twitter. 

We don't think that it was an awkward misclick, either, as this was just hours after the announcement that Fergie's leaving Interscope to form her own label under BMG for Double Dutchess.

Most people would just, you know, be happy for their colleague. It looks like Taboo is instead putting some distance between the two of them.

And, in effect, distancing Fergie from the rest of The Black Eyed Peas. It's weird and it's coming across as petty.

Fergie in Orange

Now, both of these seem to be Taboo's doing.

It might just be some issue that Taboo has, and he's engaging in a one-sided feud over it. But it reflects poorly on him.

And we're thinking that he might come to regret burning this particular bridge.

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