Scheana Marie & Robert Valletta: Engaged?!

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It's only been seven months since Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie filed for divorce from Mike Shay, but Scheana has wasted no time in moving on to what appears to be a much healthier relationship.

(In fairness, Mike spent the last few months of their marriage sleeping in a studio and recording terrible hip hop with Nicole Arbour, so Scheana may have felt single long before she actually was.)

Before the Mike and Scheana divorce drama even made it to air, word got out that Scheana was dating Robert Valletta, an actor with whom she's been friends since childhood.

Scheana Shay & Robert Valletta on Instagram

Now, it seems as though another Vanderpump wedding may already be in the works, as Radar Online is reporting that Scheana and Robert are planning to get hitched in the near future.

“Scheana wants a ring from Robert,” a source close to the hostess/aspiring pop star tells Radar. “She’s super into him.”

Yes, the debauched denizens of SUR seem to be going after the Duggars' record for most televised weddings on a single reality show, but there's a hip hop-loving roadblock standing in their way.

For obvious reasons, Scheana wants her divorce to be finalized before Robert pops the question, but that might be easier said than done.

Scheana Shay and Robert Valletta

Sources say Shay is shuffling his feet, mostly because he wants to secure a more favorable spousal support deal, but also because he's less than thrilled that his ex is moving on so quickly.

The tipsters claim that Scheana is growing increasingly frustrated and is ready to give Shay just about anything he wants in order to reach a settlement.

But it seems that in all her haste to finalize her divorce and get remarried, Scheana may have forgotten one important detail:

Robert, it seems, is not in as big a rush to get to the altar as she is.

The 35-year-old actor is reportedly on the verge of a career breakthrough, and sources say he feels that now is not the time for him to settle down and get hitched.

Scheana Shay and Robert Valletta in Amsterdam

“He wants to focus on his TV shows,” notes one source, adding that he “doesn’t want to go there."

So it seems like Scheana might just have to cool her heels, which is probably driving her nuts.

It was confirmed earlier this week that Stassi Schroeder is back together with Patrick Meagher, and the sports radio host has finally consented to appear on the show that made her famous.

Stassi's relationship appears to have hit the fast track, which means the race for the ring is officially on between VR's most bitter frenemies.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to relive the bumpy road that is Stassi and Scheana's "friendship."

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