Paris Jackson Shares Photo of Brother Blanket: He Looks Just Like Michael!

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Paris Jackson is in the early stages of launching a career as a high-profile MAW (model/actress/whatever), which means she's everywhere these days.

Sources say Paris has 20 full-time employees working around the clock to keep her in the spotlight, so it's not surprising that she's been successful in her efforts to boost her public profile.

Unfortunately, Paris' bid to become more famous has led to increased attenion being paid to some of her more camera-shy family members.

Blaket Jackson Sighting

Last month, fans flipped when Paris shared a photo of Blanket Jackson, as Michael's 15-year-old son is rarely spotted in public or on social media. 

Yesterday, he popped up again, in the Instagram story screen-grabbed above.

Again, longtime Jackson family fans were pleased to see that the most low-key of Michael's kids looks to be happy and healthy.

And obviously, many commented on Blanket's resemblance to the King of Pop.

But there are still many who are concerned about the boy's well-being.

Paris Jackson at 2017 Grammys

And it seems that Paris might be one of them.

Sources say Paris is frightened for Blanket's future, but when she expresses her concerns to other family members, they apparently fall on deaf ears.

Currently, it seems there's disagreement with regard to who should be caring for Blanket and to what degree.

Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, is the boy's legal guardian, but insiders say she's rarely home, and often not up to the task of caring for a teenager.

As a result, much of Blanket's day-to-day care is left up to Paris' Aunt Rebbie, who many family members reportedly feel has been negligent in her duties.

Paris Jackson in a Car

So the boy has been passed along to a third relative, T.J. Jackson, who frequently stays with him at a home formerly owned by Michael, but it seems T.J. isn't able to live with Blanket full-time.

On top of everything else, some fans now believe that Paris is exploiting Blanket by posting images of him on social media.

In short, it's a whole lot more drama for the Jackson family.

We're sure they're somewhat used to it by now.

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