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Well… this escalated quickly.

On Sunday night, Farrah Abraham donned a Bollywood-inspired outfit to the MTV Movie & TV Awards, drawing criticism from all around the Internet because she appropriated a culture’s religious symbol in order to make a fashion statement.

This is what she wore to the event:

Farrah Abraham Goes Bollywood
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When asked about the ensemble, the short-tempered Teen Mom said she thought it was "sexy," "amazing" and that she hoped it would "inspire others to embrace new cultures and have good experiences."

We guess we’ll need to wait to see if that happens.

But we didn’t need to wait very long to get Kailyn Lowry’s take on her fellow reality star’s red carpet attire.

Approached for comment by The Dirty, Lowry didn’t exactly offer up the most scathing critique of all-time.

Still, she made it clear she wasn’t a fan of Abraham’s choice here.

“I didn’t see Farrah, but her outfit was cute,” said Lowry, clearly being sarcastic and adding:

“It’s not a costume party, but whatever… I’m not sure why it would offend people, [but] she already did the costume thing at the VMA’s last year. It’s old."

Like we said, these don’t really read like fighting words – unless you’re Farrah Abraham.

Kail Lowry Photo
Photo via Instagram

"Was she even invited?” Abraham angrily replied to The Dirty when told of Lowry’s opinion.

And then Farrah went right for the jugular.

"Her look of being pregnant has been done and is old," she said of Lowry, who is expecting her third child with her third baby daddy. "Stop getting knocked up by randoms."

Yes, stop getting knocked up by randoms. Amazing.

For the record, Lowry is the mother to a seven-year old son that she had with long-time boyfriend Jo Rivera.

She’s also the mother to a three-year old son that she shares with ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

We’re pretty sure having a child with one’s husband is the opposite of having it with a random.

Now, Lowry has finally come out and admitted that her impending son or daughter was made possible via unprotected sex with some dude named Chris Lopez.

And, okay, granted, yeah: he’s pretty darn random.

He’s so random, in fact, that he’s somehow managed to scarcely have an Internet presence, even in this day and age. Good luck finding any real photos of Chris Lopez.

Lowry, K
Photo via Instagram

Nevertheless, this is a pretty harsh clapback at Lowry, especially when you consider that she didn’t even say Abraham’s MTV Awards dress was offensive.

But it’s also what makes Farrah Abraham… Farrah Abraham.

For all of her many, many, many, MANY faults as a human being, Farrah only has one child, an eight-year old girl named Sophia.

She’s doesn’t know how to avoid exploiting her daughter at all times, but she has apparently learned how to use a condom.

So this is one soapbox on which Farrah can comfortably stand, and on which many other Teen Mom cast members can’t say very much in response.

Farrah Abraham Fashion Fail
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Will Lowry fire back at Abraham?

Will this feud escalate to even more mean-spirited and personal levels?

Probably not.

Lowry, after all, has a couple other fires to put out first, considering her previous two baby daddies both just called her out for spending time with a mystery man while pregnant. 

We hate to agree with anything Farrah Abraham says, but she’s not entirely wrong here:

Lowry would be better served in life if she stopped getting knocked up.