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Conrad Hilton is only 23 years old, and yet he’s been arrested more times than many people twice his age.

It just goes to show you that when it comes to being a terrible, troubled human being with no regards for the law, age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

Conrad Hilton Roybal Federal Building 2015

Early this morning, Conrad experienced his latest arrest after a night of bad choices.

First, he went over to Rick Salomon’s house and stole his Bentley, like one does.

You might remember Rick from his co-starring role on Paris Hilton’s sex tape, but he’s also the father of Hunter Daily Salomon, Conrad’s former girlfriend.

Conrad and Hunter dated several years ago, but for the past couple of years he’s been fixated on her — Hunter got a restraining order against him in 2015, which he promptly violated.

More on all this in a bit: let’s get back to Conrad’s crazy night.

Conrad Hilton Instagram

After stealing Rick Salomon’s car, he drove to E.G. Daily’s house and tried to break in. Daily is Hunter’s mother.

He was reportedly trying to get in contact with Hunter, but breaking into her mother’s house at 4:00 AM is not the way to do it. It also violated the restraining order once again.

Conrad was arrested and booked for violating the restraining order and for grand theft auto charges, and his bail has been set for $60,000.

At this point, it’s beyond clear that Conrad has some very, very serious issues.

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Poor Hunter has claimed that all the way back in 2014, Conrad suddenly became obsessed with her. He began showing up at her home unannounced, and he told her that he would kill himself if she didn’t date him again.

She was especially alarmed when he came into her house and "asked if he could please just see [her] before he killed himself."

She also said that he advised her to "get a restraining order, because he can’t restrain himself."

Although she did get the order, he still broke into her home a month later.

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When you consider all that he put the girl through — and when you throw in that time that he was arrested for freaking out on a plane mid-flight, claiming afterwards that he would have killed a flight attendant if he hadn’t been stopped?

The whole family must be terrified.

Here’s hoping that Conrad gets help for whatever it is he’s been going through for the past few years — because goodness knows he needs it.