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Bambi Benson is tired of waiting around for Lil Scrappy to return home and resume their toxic relationship, so she decided the best way to move on is to say goodbye to old trash

Yes, Bambi actually threw out all of his clothes, and from the sounds of it, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star deserved it. Scrappy has allegedly been partying it up in Miami with his ex-girlfriend, Shay Johnson. 

Bambi Benson Is Serious
Photo via Instagram

Not one to sit around and wait for her man to grow a set and return home, Bambi hopped around the house, grabbing all of Scrappy’s belongings and sending them on a way ticket to the trash. 

“The thing that made [Bambi] really snap was when she heard [Lil Scrappy] was hooking up with his stripper ex-girlfriend in Miami,” the Bambi source told 

“She heard he was spending money on [Shay], renting hotel rooms and partying with her all night. Bambi and Scrap had so many problems in their relationship because of Shay."

Bambi Benson Poses
Photo via Instagram

"Bambi was always convinced Scrap was cheating on her with Shay and all he’d ever do was deny it. When she heard he was back messing with Shay, it was the final push she needed to get rid of his stuff.”

"He should have hired movers to come get all his stuff ages ago, but he’s a punk and doesn’t care about her,” the source continues.

“She could be dragging him way worse because he did all kinds of damage in their place. He trashed it and left her to fix it."

"She had to pay for it, and he’s never paid her back. She’s got pictures of everything and if he doesn’t pay her the money he owes her soon she’s going to put him on blast.”

Lil Scrappy Has Money

It’s crazy to think that Bambi was waiting around to begin with. If we’ve learned anything when we watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online, it’s that Scrappy is not a one-woman kind of guy. 

He wants to party, and that’s probably why he gets along so well with the likes of Stevie J. 

If you look at Scrappy’s Instagram page, he seems to want everyone to think he’s been doing shows and not boning his ex-girlfriend. 

What do you think about all of this? 

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