Teen Mom OG Recap: A Fresh Start ... or the Same Old Drama?

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The Fab Four are back!

What drama awaited Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell on the season premiere of Teen Mom OG?

On Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 1, Amber and Farrah began new business ventures, while Maci and Ryan tried to co-parent.

Yeah. You can imagine how that went, but is the OG bad boy turning over a new leaf at last ... and who is Farrah warring with now?

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know that Farrah conflicts are part and parcel of the entire experience, and this was no exception.

With her frozen yogurt and furniture stores launched, Abraham is now opening a children’s clothing boutique, the Sophia Laurent store.

Obviously, Sophia is cute as the day as long and we can debate whether Farrah is exploiting her or raising her right for many days.

What's less debatable is that Farrah is flat-out harsh when it comes to her mom, the oft-maligned and attention-seeking Debra Danielsen.

Farrah Abraham, Mom

Having been in therapy for awhile, together, the two clearly have issues, but this time, Farrah got aggressive, blaming it all on Debbo.

Abraham's mom countered that she didn’t even need therapy, and that trained professionals agree with her, at which point Farrah cried.

All the tears. Then she did so a second time.

Recalling the story to Michael Abraham, Farrah's pansy dad (her words), she got choked up talking about her bitch mom (again, her words).

This whole family has issues. Speaking of people opening boutiques, Amber Portwood is starting one to, for the most noble of reasons.

The OG Teen Mom wants to give start a college fund for her daughter Leah and open up rehab centers with the proceeds from her store.

Leah and Amber Pic

In addition to providing for her child, Amber wants to instill in her that a woman can be “a boss,” and that men don't have to be in charge.

Portwood is sticking to her sobriety, passing on painkillers even in the wake of plastic surgery and dental work because of her history.

Between that and the ever-present conflict with Gary Shirley, Leah's dad, over custody of the child, Amber has a whole lot of her plate.

She's doing the best she can, though, as are Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, whose dad Butch is back jail after a full year out of it.

Like Farrah (only less ridiculous), the two go to therapy, where Tyler revealed he has “no strength left” because of Catelynn. Oh. Ouch.

His ambivalence toward life, and lack of ability to feel joy or anger just left him feeling numb, like when he attempted suicide years ago.

Catelynn Lowell with Tyler Baltierra Photo

He's not at the point of suicidal thoughts again, but he did tell Cate he needed to start focusing on his own well-being as well as hers.

No doubt that's for the best. Without self-care, how can you care for others? Here's hoping these two find their way through this together.

Finally, on Halloween, Maci was not going to bring Bentley to see his dad, Ryan Edwards, since Ryan bailed for the last seven years.

Yes, he flaked on this for seven. Years.

Ry Guy told girlfriend MacKenzie Standifer that he was merely late last year, and in any case, he's turning over a new leaf now dangit!

Naturally, he showed up late, but at least he showed up at all? Maci then delivered the best line: “You look like Ryan from Teen Mom!”

Very meta of her.

At the end of the day, Bentley, Maci, Ryan, her new husband Taylor McKinney, and their other two children all had a great time together.

Amazing, right?

Small victories are key, even if it's taken Edwards years to get to even that point and there's plenty of conflict still to come this season.

With Edwards engaged to Standifer, and Mackenzie already pissed at MTV and Teen Mom: OG producers, you know it'll get dramatic.


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