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The tennis world should just go ahead and begin bracing itself for the arrival of another dominant phenom now, because Serena Williams is expecting her first child!

Williams shared the unexpected news with fans moments ago, via a selfie that shows her looking remarkably fit (of course) more than halfway though her pregnancy:

Serena Williams Baby Bump Photo
Photo via Snapchat

Serena posted the above pic to Snapchat this morning.

Though she’s provided no elaboration and has yet to confirm the pregnancy via an official statement, the tennis icon’s "20 weeks" caption seems to be a pretty good indication that she’s knocked up.

Not only is the kid destined to win the genetic lottery in terms of athletic ability, he’ll also be very well taken care of.

Serena is one of the world’s top-earning athletes, and in December, she got engaged to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit.

We wonder if Alexis is a little pissed that Serena announced her pregnancy on Snapchat, rather than during an AMA on his site.

Alexis Ohanian Picture
Photo via Instagram

Thus far, Serena is thoroughly crushing 2017 in terms of her personal life.

Shortly after news of her engagement went public, photos of Serena’s engagement ring went viral.

Fun fact: The rock on her finger is currently still bigger than her baby bump!

But while Ohanian may pull in mega bucks in the future, Serena remains the breadwinner in the relationship by a colossal margin.

Industry analysts believe Ohanian’s other projects (In addition to his Reddit, the 33-year-old has launched a venture capital firm and a travel search website.) may one day make him a billionaire.

Serena Williams Poses
Photo via Reddit

But currently, his net work is estimated at just $4.5 million.

Serena, by contrast, is worth a cool $140 mill.

But hey, who’s counting, right?

The point is, Serena and Alexis’ baby won’t be wanting for much.

Our congrats go out to Williams and Ohanian, but it’s important that we remember the many others who will benefit from this situation.

Think of all the female tennis players whose odds of winning a tournament this year just improved by approximately 400,000 percent.

They should all be writing thank you letters to Alexis today.