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Earlier this week, we learned the sad news that former Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi star Erin Moran had passed away at the age of 56.

Sadly, Moran’s later years were characterized by substance abuse, financial difficulties, and a seemingly endless string of bad luck.

As a result, the question of Moran’s cause of death sparked a good deal of wild speculation, and prompted one of her former co-stars to jump to an insensitive conclusion.

Asked about Moran’s passing in a recent interview, Baio opted out of the traditional route (singing her praises as an actress and human being, offering thoughts and prayers to her family) and instead took the opportunity to remind us all that he’s one of Hollywood’s premiere washed-up douche bags.

Baio stated that we not surprised by Moran’s death, and proceeded to play medical examiner by declaring that her death was a direct result of her lifestyle:

“She was troubled,” Baio said, “could never find what made her happy and content. For me, you do drugs or drink, you’re gonna die.”

It was an ignorant comment to make under any circumstances, but now Baio looks like even more of a jackass as a result of the revelation that Moran likely died of cancer, not from a drug overdose.

Erin Moran
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In light of that revelation, one would expect Baio to express some contrition, but Chachi is a graduate of the Donald Trump School of A-Hole Public Relations, which means he never apologizes for any reason.

“This is so wrong. Now I know what fake news is!” Baio tweeted yesterday, sounding very much like his Day-Glo idol.

He added:

“I said ‘IF’ (You abuse drugs/alcohol). My wife @MrsScottBaio spoke to Erin less than 1 month ago.”

Oh, well if his wife talked to Erin a month ago, then he must be a good guy!

Scott Baio Photo
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You need only scroll up to see that Baio most definitely did not say “if,” but hey, we’re living in the post-fact world, right?

Hell, we want in on the fun, too!

Do you guys remember when Scott Baio moved on from his laughable stint as a terrible ’80s sitcom actor and went on to a respected career in which he was totally not a walking punchline?

It was right around the time Adam Sandler took home all those Oscars and the Buffalo Bills won the Super Bowl.

Those were the days.