Farrah Abraham: The Other Teen Moms are Stooges, Happy Easter!

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Farrah Abraham doesn't get along with her Teen Mom OG costars.

It's a constant battle of Farrah vs. Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout, and we all know that. It's pretty established at this point.

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For the past couple of weeks leading up to tomorrow night's season premiere of the show, the feud has been heating up, with the other girls bashing Farrah in the press.

Farrah responds with a statement about how she's better than the other girls and how she's above engaging with them, but she inevitably throws in an insult, proving that she's not above it.

It's been a wild ride.

But late last night, Farrah threw herself back into the fray, totally unprovoked.

And it was ... well, it was a little confusing, what with her complete inability to form a coherent thought.

Farrah Abraham with Wings

It was also very, very messy.

"It's Hilarity how I single handily made more views & ratings then all three stooges on @TeenMom," she wrote on Twitter. "And make more ratings then 1offs sh!"

... Girl.

For one, we're loving the phrase "It's Hilarity," and she should trademark it immediately in an attempt to pretend it was intentional (the reality is that she just doesn't understand how words work).

Two, if she does "single handily" get more views than Amber, Catelynn and Maci, AKA the Three Stooges, it's because people can't look away from a good trainwreck.

Three, why is she calling the other moms one-offs? Is it because they haven't expanded their reality show fame into porn stardom?

Four -- hey, we told you this is messy -- she shared this message along with a photo of poor little Sophia's Easter basket.

Farrah Abraham Easter Basket

Why? It's hard to say. Why does Farrah do any of the things she does?

But while her message was convoluted and dumb and generally just terrible, her followers still got the gist of it.

And they were not down for Farrah's Easter ego party.

Some brave person gave her the cold, hard truth, writing "Nobody's watching you because we think you're talented, nice or a good mom. You're more like a trainwreck. Bad but we can't look away."

Farrah Abraham Blonde Selfie

Many people told her that while they did watch Teen Mom OG, they skipped Farrah's segments altogether.

"Ratings are all you'll ever be," another person explained. "You're just a pawn in MTV's eyes. Drama brings ratings, so thank you for giving us great footage!"

Then someone asked the real question of the evening: "Wtf does this have to do with your child's Easter basket!?!"

Honestly, the odds are that we will never know the answer to that.

But don't worry, we're sure Farrah will do another dumb thing soon to take our minds off this nonsense.

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