The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 21 Recap: Kandi Goes Ham

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Kandi Burruss has had a tough time throughout The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9. 

She's had her name dragged through the mud by a former employee and former best friend who is accusing her of attacking her. It's pretty bizarre, and she had a lot to say about it at the reunion taping. 

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 21 got underway, the ladies were chatting about whether their boobs were real. Kandi chimed in that she had a boob job since the season wrapped, but nobody was surprised. 

The drama started pretty much straight off the bat when Kenya confirmed that she did not think Sheree was living in Chateau Sheree. 

"Yes, I am living there," Sheree quipped. "I drive by her house all day and night because of where she lives, and there are never lights on. It's pitch-black at night," Kenya argued.

Yes, it's pretty pathetic, but it sure sounds like Kenya is on to something here. Sheree did confirm that the basement was not completed, but she did have her appliances.

Kenya then went one step further by trashing Sheree's finances and saying she did not pay for her home. Um, okay then.

Sheree Whitfield Talks

"I can put two of your homes in my unfinished basement," Sheree fired back. 

Kandi then revealed that Phaedra was fake. She said that she was nice throughout filming when the cameras were on her, but said she said some awful things after filming. 

After that, Phaedra went off on Kenya for that failed divorce party she threw for her. 

"She texted my husband, and that's a fact," Phaedra said, confirming Kenya asked for a threesome in Anguilla. Kenya's defense, however, was hilarious. 

She said that she asked everyone for a threesome. Clearly, they all said no. Phaedra confirmed the reason for their friendship coming to a grinding halt was down to Kenya texting Apollo Nida. 

Also, Kenya and Phaedra made a workout video that Kenya still had not been paid for. 

Phaedra Parks, Not Impressed

"You want to have two different lives," Kenya said. "You readjust to keep up this false image that you've had to yourself."

Kenya then said that Phaedra was "full of s--t."

We then switched gears to Kenya going to extreme measures to find out the truth about Porsha's anger management. While Kenya apologized, Porsha as having none of it. 

"You are an angry person," Porsha said. "You really are evil." Her issue stemmed from Porsha dragging her across the street.

Things took a strange turn when Kandi and Porsha joined in the argument. The two women clearly hated one another but tried to defend their respective friends. 

Kandi Burruss Reunites

Kandi said she donated $5000 to help Porsha on Celebrity Apprentice, but Porsha said it was for charity. The two women became embroiled in a huge war of words. 

Andy could not get a word in and let them continue their argument. 

That wraps up Part 1! What did you think of the drama? 

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