The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12 Recap: Vacation Time!

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Rick and Michonne have had a troubled relationship because of all the drama going down around them, so it was inevitable that they would look to get some alone time on their latest hunting mission. 

On The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12, the couple were all alone in the great outdoors, and they were enjoying it. 

When the episode got underway, the two of them were having sex, while traveling around looking for supplies. It was more of a vacation they were having, and they deserved it. 

The pair always seems to make the biggest decisions when it comes to what needs to be done for the good of their people. If you watch The Walking Dead online, you will already know this has messed with his sanity. 

Having the weight of the world on your shoulders is never an easy task. That's why I was glad when the couple stumbled across a lot of supplies. 

They found guns and a whole lot of food at an old carnival. The big issue was that the base was filled walkers... some of them had guns and could pull the trigger. 

Rick Grimes Is On An Empty Road - The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9

Rick and Michonne took to the rooftops to try and find a way in, but they were shocked when one of the roofs caved in with their weight. All they could do was laugh and spend the night together, sampling all of the food. 

Michonne was vocal about the pair returning to Alexandria, but all Rick seemed concerned about was taking another day out of his reality. 

It's hardly surprising when you think about it. He's trying to broker a deal with the people around him to try and get this war with the Saviors going. 

The next morning, Rick and Michonne tried to get to the weapons, but they found themselves in a lot of trouble when a car they were using to barricade the fence had no breaks. 

This resulted in a tense scene that found the pair surrounded by walkers. When they decided to split up to take the walkers down, Rick seemingly died. 

Michonne & Rick Meet Back Up on The Walking Dead

Michonne's world crashed down around her. She nearly died due to the shock. As if the series was going to write out Rick Grimes in one of the worst episodes ever. 

Rick emerged at the last second, and all was well again. Rick did manage to take down the deer that Michonne tried to earlier in the episode. 

When everyone took the guns to Jadis, she laughed them off. She was not impressed because it was only seventy-three. She wanted a lot more than that if she was to go to war. 

Rick reluctantly agreed to find more, but he had no idea what his next move could be. 

While Rick and Michonne's subplot was going on, Rosita was trying to find guns herself. She almost got killed trying to get a gun, which later turned out to be a toy gun. 

In the end, she decided to take two of the new guns to Sasha, and the pair made an alliance to take Negan down and had to agree that it was a one-way ticket. 

How exciting. 

This two vs. one of biggest villains of the series? 

Expect both of them to die within the next two weeks. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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