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The ladies of Beverly Hills like to go on lavish vacations, but thankfully for viewers, they do not take a break from the drama. 

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 16, the ladies went to Hong Kong to support Lisa Vanderpump’s fight against animal cruelty. 

L to the VP
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You can always rely on LVP to have some things to say on the matter. She’s a woman of many opinions and fights for causes she believes in. 

When the episode got underway, Vanderpump was sharing a limo with Dorit Kemsley, and as you can probably guess, Dorit was still going on about Erika Girardi. 

It’s one thing holding a pointless grudge, but acting like a bully is not something that comes across well on reality TV.

"I find her a bit cold," Dorit revealed. "She’s never given me an indication that it’s me."

Erika Girardi/Jayne
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Vanderpump did not seem to give a damn about the petty comments and let them go right over her head. 

When the ladies arrived in Hong Kong, they went for dinner, and Dorit tried very desperately to get closer to Erika, but Erika was obviously still concerned about her comments. 

"The sweeter and nicer I am or the harder I try, it’s like this stone cold wall," Dorit said to the camera, irate at the way she was being treated. 

During dinner, Eden Sassoon dropped the bomb that she had paid for a younger man to meet her in New York. 

Eden Sassoon Photo
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"I am treating him," she said to the stunned group of ladies. 

"Why is she importing somebody?" Vanderpump asked the camera. "Has she been through everybody else in America?"

You can always rely on LVP to lighten up the mood, but we must say, she did have a point. 

Eden then got more controversial by telling the ladies she would be nude in bed when he arrived. 

"Honey, you cannot be half-naked in the bed waiting for him!" Dorit said, before claiming the dude could murder her. 

Eden was not fazed and even said she could murder him. 

Okay then. 

Lisa Rinna at 53
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While LVP was working on her documentary, Rinna confronted Dorit about the claims she made about her drug problem. 

"I heard that you maybe took it that I have a problem," Rinna said. "I want to make sure that you’re very clear that that was a joke."

Dorit acted like she did not know what Rinna was talking about, so she let it slide. 

Later, Eden told Rinna that she, too, had heard Dorit go on about the drug problem. 

While all of this was going down, Kyle and Erika went on a trip to a garden and Erika opened up about her trip home to visit her mother. 

"I look at her, and my heart kind of breaks for her because I know that she lives a life unrealized," Erika said.

"She has taken that and placed that on me, and that’s a heavy burden."

Kyle Richards Heads To Her Beverly Hills Store
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Kyle then opened up about how her mother had treated her. 

"I’m very distant because it’s a hard thing for me to trust," Erika said of her relationships with women.

"I’m still waiting for someone to disappoint me, for someone to critique me."

Tensions flared up on a boat trip when Rinna tried to get Dorit to fess up for what she said. Dorit tried to say she had no recollection of it, but Erika said she did. 

"Let me finish, Dorit. You talk a lot," the singer reasoned, but Dorit continued to try and say something. 

"I say important s–t. You say too much boring s–t." Dorit then quizzed her about her issue with her, but Erika stood her ground. 

"I don’t like bulls–t, Dorit, and that’s what I think you are."

How can the drama possibly get more preposterous?!