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The Voice is a popular reality series, but each season can never really match the momentum drummed up during the Blind Auditions stage. 

NBC took note of this and recently expanded the auditions to seven episodes. Now, that’s a bit excessive – especially when you consider that it’s becoming the Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani show. 

The Voice Season 12 Cast
Photo via NBC

Their relationship may be going great, but they are always sparring during scenes that are blatantly fabricated for their limited fan base. Okay, we like love, but not when it’s creating obnoxious situations like these two losers are. 

They need to understand that less is more.

With that very much now out in the open, who made it through to the next stage of the competition? 

We have the full round-up below!

Gwen Stefani on The Voice Season 13
Photo via NBC

Vanessa Ferguson

31-year-old North Carolina Native, Vanessa, opened the night with her rendition of "Don’t Let Me Down" by The Chainsmokers. 

Being a fan of Alicia Keys may just work in Alicia’s favor because the woman has what it takes to make it far into the competition. Her vocals were strong, and you could tell she LOVED having an audience. 

Alicia seemed to think she had won the lottery with Vanessa and there’s a good chance she’s right. With the addition of Vanessa, that left each coach with one spot left. 

Dawson Coyle

The teenagers have been a force to be reckoned with throughout the auditions, and Dawson Coyle continued that trend. With a harrowing story about his family surviving a fire, the New Jersey native proved that his success would not be built on that story. 

In fact, it would be built on a stellar performance of "Happiness" by Needtobreathe. It hit all of the right notes and won the teen a spot on Country singer, Blake’s team. 

Whether Blake will be able to nurture another winner to take the title, we have no idea, but we’re willing to watch him try … so long as that means no more forced affection with Gwen. YUCK. 

Alicia Keys on The Voice Season 12
Photo via NBC

Jozy Bernadette

25-year-old Jozy went with "American Woman" by The Guess Who. It was decent, but it could have been better. Thankfully, Gwen is all about looking for development opportunities with her singers. 

That’s part of the reason why Jozy clinched the last spot on Team Gwen. It probably had a lot to do with her bubbly personality and that she would probably tell Gwen how lovely she looks on demand. 

Kidding aside, Gwen was a good fit for Jozy. 

Sheena Brook

Sheena Brooke went with "Baby Girl" by Sugarland. With Blake already bursting at the seams with talent, Adam looked ecstatic when Sheena emerged as a Country singer. 

Country artists have a knack for performing well on the show, so it made sense for Adam to take a chance on Sheena. To be fair, Sheena turned in a solid performance. 

It was nothing to sneeze at, that’s for sure. Will Blake try and steal her? Probably. 

Adam Levine Poses
Photo via NBC

Chris Blue

Alicia had one more space left on her team, so she knew she had to make her last addition worthy of her time. Enter Chris Blue, who had quite the strong voice. 

He blew everyone away with "The Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. Alicia managed to find someone who could easily make it very far in the process. 

With the auditions out of the way, NBC teased that a recap special will air tomorrow to get viewers up to speed on how it all played out. 

Yes, we don’t understand their logic, either. Next week, the battle rounds will kick off. 

What did you think of the final part of the auditions?

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