Meghan Markle: Rocking Engagement Ring Made From Princess Di's Tiara?

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Ever since the world learned that Prince Harry is dating Meghan Markle, the Suits star has faced a torrent of unfounded criticism from royal obsessives who believe they know what's best for the Ginger Prince.

Harry worshippers have taken issue with everything from Meghan's American citizenship to her career to the fact that she's divorced.

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The situation has gotten so bad at times that Harry was forced to defend Meghan in a statement addressing the pernicious tabloid press and the online haters.

Fortunately, millions have rushed to embrace Meghan, and by some metrics, she's even more popular than Kate Middleton.

Of course, the trolls are still out there, and they'll probably make their voices heard in response to the latest news about Harry and Meghan.

According to Radar Online, the rumors about Harry and Meghan being engaged are true, and in a move befitting a prince, Harry didn't put just any old rock on Meghan's finger.

A source tells the site that Harry popped the question with a ring made of diamonds taken from a tiara belonging to his late mother, Princess Diana.

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“After Diana died, the boys both chose a keepsake from Kensington Palace when they moved to Charles’ room in St. James’s Palace,” a source close to the royals tells Radar.

“William picked his mom’s Cartier watch, and Harry picked her sapphire and diamond engagement ring."

The insider adds:

“But they had an agreement that whoever got engaged first would have Diana’s ring — and of course that was William and Kate.”

The source says that the move is Harry's way of paying tribute to both his mother and his bride-to-be:

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“For Harry, like Will before him, using his mother’s gems means the two loves of his life will forever be linked."

Already, critics of the move have started voicing their displeasure on social media, with some carping that Meghan is unworthy of such an honor, and others accusing Harry of desecrating a priceless artifact.

Of course, no one has seen the ring yet, and the entire story could be fabricated, but that doesn't seem to be doing much to quell the outrage.

There's some disagreement among insiders as to whether or not Harry has actually proposed, with some claiming it's a done deal, and others insisting that he's waiting for Meghan's birthday on August 6.

Either way, it seems like Harry and Meghan are definitely headed for the altar.

And sadly, we'll barely be able to hear their vows over the screams from the haters.

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