Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: In With the New

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On Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 4, Tommie revealed she had a new man in her life, but did he want their relationship in front of the cameras?

Meanwhile, Scrappy and Bambi worried that their relationship was about to end. Did they manage to save it?

Also, Karlie learned some shocking details about Jasmine. 

When the episode got underway, Tommie revealed she was all about being mature and moving on with her life. 

But she seemed to have gone off the page pretty quickly when she opted to get close to Yung Joc. Yes, that's the same Yung Joc who is getting closer to Karlie. 

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For those who watch Love & Hip Hop online, you will already know Tommie hates Karlie with a passion because she slept with her ex, Scrapp. 

As you can probably imagine, Tommie relished the opportunity of getting close to the man in Karlie's life. The pair went on a double date with Jessica and Alexis Skyy. 

“I have no love for that bitch,” Tommie says. “If me hanging out with Joc is a problem with her, that’s a good thing.”

Joc seemed to think they were not doing anything wrong because he and Karlie were "not exclusive."

Um, okay then. 

Later in the episode, Joc revealed he had a soft spot for Karlie and wondered whether they could ever be something more. 

During an erotic photo shoot, Joc says Karlie should  “give me some brown points and some sex!” No, those were seriously his exact words. Karlie seemed taken aback, but happy with the attention. 

Kirk Frost and Rasheeda

Elsewhere, Kirk Frost decided to cut Jasmine off after she opened up about him apparently being the father to Kannon. 

Karlie decided to get involved and visited Jasmine to get a glimpse of the kid. She seemed to think there was a resemblance, but took pictures to show everyone else. 

Joc was not overly impressed with Karlie's sleuthing and maintained that the picture just looked like a baby. Come on, would he seriously admit the likeness to Kirk with the cameras on him?


Joc then shocked Karlie by opening up about a time he slept with Jasmine. There was nothing she could say because it happened when they were single. 

How hilarious would it be Joc was the father? 

We also got some much-needed insight into what was happening with Bambi and Scrappy. Momma Dee visited Bambi to find out what was going on because she felt Scrappy was upset since the engagement. 

Bambi felt that Scrappy was still acting like a child and thought the engagement would help him grow up. 

“You can’t just run away every time you have an issue,” Bambi says. “It’s embarrassing to me we have these types of issues.”

Momma Dee sided with Bambi after she realized Scrappy was the issue. They went to some sort of community therapy, but Scrappy tried to say he had been there for her. 

Bambi, however, was just so over it and said he was not. 

“You are delusional,” Bambi claimed. 

Later, there were four new women in Atlanta: Sierra, Moriah, Lovely Mimi and Treasure P. 

Sierra did not like Mimi, and that was evident from the get-go. 

“Since the day she walked into the glam shop, she has been so loud,” Sierra complains.

The four women go to a strip club with Tommie, but things take an argumentative turn. Mimi says that the Glam Shop is not that great and Sierra is not a nice person. 

Sierra later made Mimi quit by telling her to calm down. The two woman got ready to fight, but the security stopped them. 

What did you think of all the drama? 

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