Katherine Jackson: Will Grandson Settle Family War?

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Katherine Jackson recently alleged that her nephew, Trent Jackson was abusing her

The 86-year-old made headlines earlier this year when court documents were revealed, claiming that Trent had put her through hell for several years. 

Katherine Jackson Arrives

Also, Katherine's documents also claimed that her nephew was trying to take control of her finances and staying with her without coughing up money for any of the bills. 

If all of this is true, it's awful. How the heck could you treat someone like that? 

Trent is not taking the claims lying down and has reeled in Kathleen's grandson, TJ Jackson in to help his cause. 

How so?

Katherine Jackson Image

Apparently, Trent wants TJ to be the one to establish whether he did all of those vile things to Katherine and vowed to move on if TJ sees this as the best course of action. 

The odd thing about all of this is that Trent is under the impression TJ would be on his side and say he did not do anything to Katherine. 

Also, Trent apparently thinks that the other family members are trying to get him out of Katherine's life so they can get closer to Katherine's healthy bank balance. 

KJ Photo

It all sounds like something that would play out on a daytime soap, but this appears to be real life. 

As you probably recall, Katherine was reported missing in 2012, but it emerged some of her kids had taken her to Arizona. 

With Michael cutting his siblings and dad out of his will, it's now apparent that the members of the family are trying to exhaust all opportunities to get closer to his fortune. 

Katherine Jackson and the Kids

In the event Katherine dies, the estate would be divided between Michael's three kids, so no one else is currently set to receive anything from the star's fortune. 

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