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Katherine Jackson is facing yet another hardship in her life.

In new court documents, the mother of Michael Jackson alleges that she has been the victim of years of mental abuse at the hands of her nephew and driver.

His name is Trent Lamar Jackson.

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A relative through marriage, Trent is accused of having accessed Jackson’s bank accounts without her permission.

Other charges leveled against him in this damning legal filing include the assertion that Trent used Katherine’s credit cards (without authorization) for personal use.

And also that he subjected her to years of mental abuse that has left Jackson “in a constant state of fear and confusion.”

Very serious stuff.

Jackson, who has obtained a restraining order against Trent, describes her nephew as “an abusive con-man” who has manipulated her in order to “assume control of her finances.”

Katherine Jackson Arrives

The Jackson family matriarch, who has been at the center of quite a few controversies in her life, says she attempted to fire Trent on February 3, in the presence of a police officer no less, ordering him to move out of her guest house.

But he has simply refused to leave.

He took off just as deputies and her attorney arrived on the scene.

Katherine is currently in London visiting her daughter, Janet Jackson, who had a baby at the start of the year, and these legal papers say she is “afraid to go home with Trent there.”

The documents detail how Jackson “fears he could physically harm her for terminating him.”

A judge has ordered her nephew to move out of her residence and return all keys, passwords and combinations to the property.

Trent has also been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Katherine Jackson.

The described abuse claims that “Trent has manipulated Mrs. Jackson so much, and preyed on her known kindness, that whenever the police arrive or efforts to press elder abuse charges have been undertaken, she ultimately recants or changes her mind.”

The legal team on behalf of Jackson goes on to say that she “will have moments of strength, and tell her kids that Trent is abusing her, and by the time they get Adult Protections Services to the house, he has convinced her by crying or begging not to report him, and the cycle starts all over.”

Trent has now responded to any of these allegations.

A hearing has been scheduled for March 1st.