Kat Graham Devours Pot Brownies, Ends Up in Hospital

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Kat Graham took quite a few trips as Bonnie Bennett on The Vampire Diaries.

Over the course of eight seasons, the character died multiple times, ended up on The Other Side, visited the show's version of heaven and got involved in many dangerous storylines.

But those were nothing compared to the actual trip this actress allegedly suffered in Palm Springs last month.

Kat Graham Pose

According to TMZ, Graham was visiting Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa near the aforementioned town when she allegedly began throwing up and passed out on a lawn.

Insiders at the resort tell the typically reliable celebrity gossip website that the star didn't drink too much alcohol or get victimized by a case of food poisoning.

Instead, she ate a cannabis brownie earlier in the day.

In response, Graham ran out of the resort's restaurant shortly afterwards, telling those around her that she didn't feel well and needed to go to the hospital.

She then vomited... passed out... woke up ... and was transported to a hospital via ambulance after someone called 911.

Kat Graham at a Party

TMZ has posted photos of Graham lying on the grass, clearly in an effed up state, both physically and mentally.

The venue's report says the actress/singer acted extremely paranoid throughout this incident, anxious and seeing things.

No word from Graham or any of her reps yet regarding what happened last month.

We just hope she's okay. We watched every episode of The Vampire Diaries from the premiere and we always enormous fans of the star.

Kat Graham in Austin

She announced early last year that she would depart The Vampire Diaries after Season 8, which ended up becoming the show's swan song.

Its series finale aired last Friday, March 10.

"I learned a lot about what kind of actor I wanted to be," Graham told Entertainment Weekly of The CW hit, adding:

"Work always comes first as an actor. I think a lot of young girls see actresses and they think of red carpets and they think of Us Weekly and they don’t really think about the breaking down of a script and what that requires and what you would need to pull it off.

"I learned about teamwork and about communication and about standing up for yourself.

"I learned about poise and dignity, and I learned about what it means to be an African-American in television and what that requires in terms of what kind of position you take for yourself and how you define your own reality in a world that is still finding its footing, to say the least."

She concluded this interview, which was given in February, as follows:

"Overall, I am appreciative of the opportunity that I got to play different levels and different emotions for this character. I’m grateful for the platform I got."

You may visit our friends at TV Fanatic to watch The Vampire Diaries online and you will hopefully join us in wishing Graham the best.

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