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This might come as a little bit of a shock to you — it’s been a while since we’ve actually had to think about it.

But Amber Portwood is engaged to the supremely gross Matt Baier. Which means that she plans on marrying him at some point.

Amber Portwood with Matt Baier Pic

It’s enough to make you weep, isn’t it?

They were supposed to get married last October, but Amber said that the wedding was postponed and her relationship with Matt was "thrown on the back burner" when the news broke that Matt had several secret children.

Because it turns out that when you fib to the woman you’re going to marry about how many children you have, and when you don’t pay child support for those children, the relationship suffers.

Who knew?!

There was a moment last month when it seemed like Amber and Matt could be headed off to Vegas to get hitched — and goodness knows Matt wanted the attention from everyone believing that.

Amber Portwood Pre-Pink Hair

But it turned out they just flew out west for a friend’s wedding.

So considering all that, maybe they just put the wedding off indefinitely, you know? Maybe they have other things they want to concentrate on first, or maybe Amber finally got an ounce of sense about this guy and doesn’t want to tie herself to him like that.

No such luck.

In a new interview with E! News, Amber and Matt gave a few details about their wedding which, unfortunately, is definitely still happening.

Matt says that the wedding will go down "This October," but "Ideally October 10th because that was the day we met in person for the first time."

Amber and Matt on Instagram

How … sweet? Depressing?

Yeah, we’re going to go with depressing. It’s not that we don’t want Amber to be happy, it’s just that we think Matt is the biggest creep to ever creep in the history of creeping.

As for her wedding dress, Amber says that "of course" she will design it herself, and that "I’m thinking of something with a late ’40s to early ’50s style."

Matt adds that he’s "so proud" of Amber and of "how far she’s come as a person."

Amber Portwood Pink Hair

"When she sets her mind to something," he says, "she exceeds everyone’s expectations."

So it looks like we have about seven months to prepare for this wedding … or seven months for something big and bad enough to come out about Matt to make Amber postpone this mess again.

Anyone got any ideas?