Rob Kardashian Honors Late Father on His Birthday

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Today would have been Robert Kardashian Sr.'s 73rd birthday.

An attorney best known for his friendship with O.J. Simpson and involvement with the football legend's famous murder trial, Kardashian passed away in 2003, when his namesake son was just 16.

Rob Jr. took time out today to pay tribute to his late father in a series of heartwarming Instagram posts:

Robert Kardashian Sr. Tribute

"Happy birthday pops," Rob captioned the photo above.

A few minutes later, he posted another throwback image of himself and his father.

This time, he kept the tone light, but stated that he wished Robert Sr. had been able to meet his granddaughter Dream Kardashian.

"Happy birthday dad woohoo! Wish you were here to meet Dream," Rob captioned the image below.

Rob & Robert Kardashian

Rob welcomed daughter DreamĀ back in November, and he's frequently opened up about how becoming a father has made him miss his own dad even more.

Rob's life has been undeniably turbulent in recent years, thanks to health and emotional issues and frequent breakups with Blac Chyna, Dream's mother.

Fortunately, he seems to be very gradually moving in the right direction, and many who know Rob best say that that's largely because of his father.

The two men reportedly shared an unbreakable bond, and many believe that when Rob lost his way in recent years, it was due in part to unresolved grief over his father's death.

Rob Kardashian, Daughter

Now that Rob is back on the right path, those closest to the 29-year-old say it's all because he's realized he wants to be the kind of dad his father was.

Insiders say that after several reconciliations, it's really over between Rob and Blac these days, but apparently, the couple called it quits mainly for the sake of their daughter.

Both parties reportedly believed that the constant fighting and jealousy that defined their relationship didn't make for a good environment for Dream.

Rob and Blac may not be good together, but that doesn't mean they can't both be good parents.

Sources say it's a lesson Rob only learned recently - and one of many that he credits to his beloved father.

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