Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 13 Recap: More Drama In Cancun

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Will the ladies ever be able to play nice?

That was questioned several times on Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 13 as the trip to Cancun continued. 

We picked things up with the reveal that Yandy and Juju were still very much against one another.

As you probably recall if you watch Love & Hip online, Juju wrote about Yandy's personal life in her tell-all. 

Yandy felt betrayed and it's perfectly understandable why. Juju proved she was not the best person to have in her life. 

Juju, however, put the blame on Yandy and said that Yandy was making everything about her. When the pair finally met up, they came to blows once more. 

Juju was quick to point out that she did not reveal anything about Yandy in the book and that she was taking it to extremes.

At first, this did not sit well with Yandy. 

Yandy Smith Looking Good

However, after some more promises, Yandy agreed that she went too far and both women put their feud to bed. 

Elsewhere, Samantha, Kim and Erica got together to discuss Lil' Mendeecees birthday party.

The ladies were less than impressed that Yandy was not around to help, or even pay some money for the event.

Eventually, Samantha decided it would be best to just plan the party herself and invite Yandy to the event. 

Later, she went to the prison to visit Mendeecees, but she was shocked to learn that he had blocked her mother and Erika from visiting the prison.

She tried to question him, but Mendeecees was not in the mood to give out answers. 

Yandy met up with Samantha and the pair spoke about how much effort they have been putting in.

Samantha felt like Yandy was not putting in much of an effort.

Yandy claimed she tried to contact Samantha while in Mexico, but there was no answer.

Samantha said that Yandy would need to accept that Mendeecees had a relationship with her. 

There was no point in the ladies continuing to bicker. Yandy agreed that it would be the best course of action for them to move forward. 

Aside from all the drama, Rich brought his daughter in to work as his new assistant.

Ashley did not want her father to be a creep, so she questioned his choice in women. 

She decided to take control of his love life and set him up on a blind date.

However, Rich was shocked when Ashley's mother appeared. 

That's Erica's Song!

We never really found out what went wrong for them, but Ashley felt there were still some feelings there.

Things were going well and Rich even made it clear he had a hotel room. 

Rich is back, you guys!

Finally, Yandy and Kimbella discussed the drama with Samantha.

Kimbella said she would be going to the party, but Yandy was worried there would be even more drama. 

Kimbella STILL Looks Good

Yandy decided against going to the party, while Kimbella showed up at the last minute.

The other moms felt like Yandy had sent her to cause drama. 

Yes, the feud is most definitely back on. 

What did you think of the drama?

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