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Kim Kardashian has given us two new reasons not to hate her.

On Monday evening, the polarizing reality star continued her fairly recent tradition of taking social media followers inside her family life by sharing a pair of new Saint West photos.

And say what you will about Kardashian herself, but even the harshest critics must admit the following:

This kid is REALLY cute!

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“Look at his cheeks and angry face. LOL,” Kardashian captioned one picture of her 14-month-old, who clearly is yet to get into the Kardashian-Jenner tradition of embracing any and all selfies.

On Instagram, meanwhile, Kim shared another cute image, along with a message that reads:

"Me and my Sainty boo a few months ago."

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Kardashian, of course, was robbed at gunpoint back on October 3.

She remains traumatized by the experience (for understandable reasons) and only made her return to social media a handful of weeks ago.

Clearly hoping to avoid any kind of similar, harrowing circumstance in the future, Kim hasn’t been posting pictures of her diamonds or her expensive clothing collection or any exterior shots of her mansion.

Instead, Kardashian has continually updated her official app and website with simple snapshots, just like the ones above.

We’ve seen Kim sitting around the house in sweatpants. We’ve seen Kanye West eating a bowl of cereal. We’ve seen famous mom, dad and their two kids just playing on the floor.

The theme has grown so extreme and obvious that some critics have even slammed Kardashian for trying too hard to act poor.

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Based on this logic, however, Kim really can’t win.

She risks inviting thieves into her life (along with a different kind of criticism) if she flaunts her wealth online.

But then she also gets hit with backlash if she keeps her public photographs simple and sweet.

We almost feel badly for Kim Kardashian. Almost, that is.

On Sunday night, meanwhile, insiders say Kim and Kanye West tried to go out on the town.

They were hoping to stop by the annual Vanity Fair shindig or, really, any gathering of celebrities in the wake of the 89th Academy Awards.

But Kimye did not receive a single invitation! Ouch!

“Kim is often reminded that she is not a real star when she goes to any of these things," an insider told Radar Online this week of Kim’s attempt to act like an A-Lister in Hollywood.

Perhaps that’s for the best overall, however.

Kim has been there and done that, right?

She’s lived as public a life as one can live and she’d benefitted from it financially, many times over.

With money in the bank and precious kids at home, would it really be so terrible if Kardashian retreated from the spotlight for good in order to raise her family?