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Kim Kardashian is obviously going through a time of transition in her life.

And no, we’re not just talking about her face.

Kim Kardashian at Fashion Week

Thanks to that pesky Paris robbery, she’s shifted her priorities, she’s spending more time with her children and less time posing in dumb fashions in various major cities around the world.

And thanks to Kanye West being Kanye West, there are several rumors floating around that she might soon find herself single yet again.

But is Kim thinking about making another major change?

Is she konsidering kwitting Keeping Up with the Kardashians?!

We know, we know, it’s unfathomable. 

Kim Kardashian Attends Siran Presentation Hotel Plaza Athenee - Paris Fashion Week
Photo via Getty

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been around for over a decade now, filling our lives with joy and laughter and just so much nonsense.

But according to a new report from Life & Style, Kim wants to end all that.

What’d we ever do to you, girl?!

"What would Keeping UP with the Kardashians be like without Kim?" the report begins. "The world may soon find out."

"After a 10-year run, Kim wants to jump ship."

But why, Kim? Why would you leave us like this?

Why do you want us to hurt?

Kim Kardashian Sends Peace and Love
Photo via Instagram

How else are we supposed to keep up with all those ridiculous thoughts that you make up in that pretty little head of yours, how are we supposed to hear them fall out of your mouth in that flat, empty tone of yours?

It’s just. Not. Fair.

But still, a Kardashian insider claims that "Kim says KUWTK is just consuming too much of her time."

"Kim wants to build herself as a true brand and feels hindered by being a part of KUWTK."

It’s not the first time we heard that Kim wanted to leave the show — we heard back in September that Kim wanted to quit because the show was "adding a lot of stress to her life."

Then, after her robbery, we heard that she was too traumatized to continue filming her entire life.

Kim on Keeping Up
Photo via E!

However, we did just see a promo for the new season, and Kim was front and center in it, still dealing with the aftermath of what happened to her in Paris.

And she does have a contract through 2019.

It’s hard to imagine that Kim would let go of millions and millions of dollars for basically doing nothing for 2-3 more years, right?

But, like we said, her priorities have shifted.

Maybe she really is over it all, millions be damned.

The source even acknowledges that contract, saying that Kris Jenner is "furious" that Kim would quit while she’s still obligated to film.

After all, "this would create huge problems" for lots of people not named Kim if she really were to up and quit the show.

But hey, if Kim really is done with reality television, it’s her life. It’s Kris Jenner’s livelihood, sure, but it’s Kim’s decision.

Best wishes and all that.