Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 13 Recap: Who Won At Nationals?

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Abby Lee Miller and her group made it to Nationals, but did they manage to eke out a victory over Cathy and the Candy Apples?

That was their plan on Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 13 which turned out to be one of the craziest episodes of the entire series. 

When the episode got underway, Abby was emotional at just how much change there had been over the years at the ALDC over the years. 

On top of that, she worried about the prospect of letting someone else teach her girls if she did find herself locked up. 

The dance teacher then handed out solos to Lilliana, Elliana, Kalani and Brynn. 

This did nothing to put Jamie's mind at ease as she worried whether her daughter was going to be allowed to dance. 

Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms

As you probably know if you watch Dance Moms online, there has been a lot of tension between Abby and Jamie because of the way Maesi has been treated. 

The other moms were not impressed that their daughters never got to have a solo performance, but what did they expect?

It's not like Abby could hand out additional solos and change the rules at Nationals. 

While the mothers continued to bicker, Abby revealed to Lilliana that her father would be singing the vocals for the song she would be dancing to. 

Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms Looking Intense Photo

The kid was ecstatic, but her mother was nervous that this meant Elliana's song would be put on the sidelines. 

Cathy returned with the Candy Apples and was just as despicable as before. She had someone named Zach on the team, who she thought would give her team the edge. 

All she seemed to care about was sending Abby off to prison with a loss. Yes, she apparently does not care about her team. 

Abby then changed up the group number and had all of the dancers die at the end of it. Yes, the mothers were not impressed with it. 

Everyone took a break from rehearsals to attend Kendall's big music video debut. However, Abby was not impressed and did not think it was the best route for her to take. 

Abby Lee Miller is the Worst

Her mother claimed that Abby was just jealous she did not have a say in her career anymore. 

The next morning, Abby revealed that she had to let go of her studio and had no idea what would become of her. 

Cathy arrives at Nationals and knocks down the ALDC sign and tells everyone aside from Kalani to go home. Yes, she's still pathetic and bitter. 

Abby tells her to leave, and that's when Cathy throws the only ammunition she can at her nemesis: jail time. 

Abby Lee Miller Laying Down The Law

All of the performances were solid. Even the Candy Apples managed to turn in a fabulous number. 

Elliana won second place, Lilliana won first place in the junior competition, while Brynn won third place and Kalani won first. 

The ALDC also took top honors in the group competition. 

The Candy Apples started another war, but Chloe and Christi walked in. 

Will they be allowed to return on a more permanent basis? 

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